Middleburg Film Festival celebrates 10-year anniversary concert featuring award-winning composers

The up-and-coming Middleburg Film Festival (Oct 13-16, 2022) has been around for a decade. Ever since its first year, the festival has celebrated the art of film music by honouring a film composer with a “Distinguished Composer Award” and a live performance of his/her works. This year’s honouree is Michael Abels (“Nope”, “Us”, “Get Out”). His music will be performed in concert on October 15 as part of a program also highlighting the music of some of the festival’s previous music honourees: Mark Isham, Marco Beltrami, Kris Bowers, Charles Fox, and songwriter Diane Warren.

Middleburg Film Festival celebrates 10-year anniversary concert featuring award winning composers


The music will be performed by a 45-piece orchestra. Soundtracks Live’s Mikael Carlsson, who worked on several previous concerts produced by the Middleburg Film Festival, contributes with brand new suites of the music of Isham, Beltrami, and Bowers and brand new orchestral arrangements of the music of Diane Warren to receive its world premieres at the concert, with all of the composers in attendance.


Additionally, during the festival, there will be a preview screening of a documentary about the 81-year-old Charles Fox and his extraordinary career both in popular music and film scoring: “Killing Me Softly With His Songs”.


When: Saturday, October 15, 2022 at 14:00h

Where: Salamander Resort Tent (Middleburg, VA, USA)

Tickets: $ 25 (26 €) – https://www.showclix.com/event/10th-anniversary-concert-