New guests in Krakow Film Music Festival 2017

Prestigious European festival ‘Krakow Film Music Festival’, held in Krakow (Poland), that this year celebrates its tenth anniversary, has just announced new guest composers to their already long guest list.

FMF 2017 - Banner


That way, the names of Trevor Morris, Sean Callery and Jeff Russo are added today to the guests already confirmed the day of the presentation of the official program (follow link), that included Jan A.P. Kaczmarek, Giorgio Moroder, Klaus Doldinger, Howard Shore, Jean-Michel Bernard, Richard Bellis, Abel Korzeniowski and Diego Navarro.

Trevor Morris, Sean Callery and Jeff Russo


As reported in the official Facebook page of the festival, with these composers, world premieres of the following television series “The Emerald City“, “The Night Of“, “Fargo“, “Homeland” and “24” will be performed.


Anyway, we’ll have to be vigilant, since there are still more than 3 months left to the festival, and more surprises are expected to be unveiled.