Victor Reyes and Federico Jusid finalists in the ‘Grand Scores Awards’

The Grand Scores Awards, also known as Moët & Chandon Grand Scores Awards due to their sponsorship of the famous champagne brand, are already in their 4th edition and are given by ECSA (European Composer & Songwriter Alliance) to the best scores created by European composers.


The main characteristic of these awards is that the winners in the different categories, are chosen by European composers, by their peers, who are part of the more than 40 musical associations that integrate the ECSA (in the case of Spain, Musimagen stands out, collaborating actively in the organization of these awards).


Federico Jusid is a finalist in the category “Best Electro-Acoustic Score” with his soundtrack for the movie ‘Misconduct‘ and Victor Reyes in the category ‘Best Original Music for a Series‘ with his music for ‘The Night Manager‘.

Federico Jusid & Victor Reyes


There are 4 categories in total:

Best Orchestral Score

The composer with the most original film music, written for an ensemble of classical instruments, receives the award “Best Orchestral Score”. Even if elements of electronic and/or acoustic music can be contained, the focus is on traditional orchestral instrumentation.


Best Electro-Acoustic Score

This category honors the composer who wrote the best film music for electronic and/or acoustic instruments. Although the piece can contain elements of orchestral music, the focus here is not on traditional orchestral instrumentation.


Best Original Music for a Series

The award “Best Original Music for a Series” honors the composer who wrote the best music for a series. Elements of electronic and/or acoustic music can be included, but the focus on traditional orchestral instrumentation is also possible.


Outstanding Contribution

This award is given to the composer, who has made a special and lasting contribution to the film music industry. Thus a personality is honored which has a lasting influence on the quality of the film music and has paved the way for this very special art.


The winner of the Outstanding Contribution category this year, Lalo Schifrin, was determined by the ECSA expert jury with the support of Moët & Chandon, jury omposed by Patrick Doyle (United Kingdom), Ludovic Bource (France), Frans Bak (Denmark) & Fernando Velázquez (Spain).

Lalo Schifrin - Piano & Scores


Lalo Schifrin was interviewed recently by SoundTrackFest about his life and career, in an interesting article that can be read here: (read interview).


Curiously, despite of the relevance of these awards, it has not been possible to obtain additional information in the official page of the ECSA, with the list of nominees / finalists included in each of the categories.


The awards ceremony will take place today Thursday February 2nd at 8pm in Berlin (Germany) at a gala presented by the actress Janin Ullmann, which will be attended by the president of Musimagen, composer Luis Ivars.


SoundTrackFest will be pending of the outcome tonight and will inform promptly of it.