Oticons Faculty 2018 – International Film Music Competition

Oticons Faculty is a contest for young talents, an international competition for film music composers organized by the agency Oticons Ltd / European Film Composers Talent Agency, in order to promote and introduce new composers.

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Last Sunday, April 1st, the selection process that has been taking place since January 1 for this year’s edition of Oticons Faculty finished, where a qualified jury chose the 10 winners of this interesting competition


The process begins with a first phase where the participants send three works, each work with a previously fixed subject, which are evaluated by the jury selecting 20 candidates. Then the second phase begins, where within 5 days, the selected contestants have to send one of the best pieces they have created in the past, which will be evaluated for the final.


All the competition is performed using a web platform for the submission and evaluation of the works, in an anonymous way with a user identifier, so that only at the end of the process the names of the winners are revealed. You can read more information on how this year’s process has been carried out and about the jury:




The list of winners of this 5th edition of the Oticons Faculty competition is as follows:

  1. Rasmus Zwicki (DENMARK)
  2. Lawrence Whitehead (U.K.)
  3. Henning Hansen (GERMANY)
  4. Si Hao Ting (SINGAPORE)
  5. Timofey Kazantsev (RUSSIA)
  6. Jinglei Huo (CHINA)
  7. Jeffrey Harrison (U.S.A.)
  8. James Yan (U.K.)
  9. Marco Cascone (ITALY)
  10. Darshan Shah (INDIA)


The Winner of the 1st prize will enjoy a full week of events, concerts, masterclasses, and workshops at the amazing Krakow Film Music Festival:



Notice to all composers; the 2019 edition of Oticons Faculty starts on September 1st, 2018. Mark it on your calendar!