Premiere of the movie ‘Sordo / The (Silent) War’ in concert with Mad4Strings conducted by Carlos Martín Jara

Next Friday, September 13th, the movie ‘Sordo / The (Silent) War’, directed by Alfonso Cortés-Cavanillas, opens in cinemas throughout Spain. The movie, set in 1944 after the Spanish Civil War, tells the story of Anselmo, a member of the guerrilla who becomes deaf after an accident in a sabotage action, with a cast that includes actors Asier Etxeandia, Aitor Luna, Hugo Silva, Marián Álvarez, and Imanol Arias, among others.

Sordo / The (Silent) War - Premiere - Asier Etxeandia (Anselmo)


The exceptional thing is that two days before, on Wednesday, September 11th, an exclusive premiere will be held at Capitol Cinemas in Madrid (Spain), where the score composed by Carlos Martín Jara, will be performed synchronously with the movie, by Mad4Strings orchestra conducted by the composer.

Sordo / The (Silent) War - Premiere - Carlos Martín Jara & Mad4Strings


Unfortunately, this premiere is only by invitation, so access will be limited, although it might be repeated in the future and open to the public.


SoundTrackFest has been invited to this special premiere, and we will give you more information soon.

Sordo / The (Silent) War - Premiere - Poster