MOSMA 2021 – Full program

Tomorrow, Thursday, September 9th, starts the Movie Score Malaga – MOSMA festival, which will celebrate its 6th edition till Sunday, September 12th in Malaga, Spain, offering 4 concerts.

MOSMA 2021 - Full program


The festival will have the following guest composers Gustavo Santaolalla, Anthony Willis, Carlos Martín Jara, Carlos Viola, Dani Trujillo, Daniel Parejo, Eduardo de la Iglesia, Hermanos Ferrando, Javier Bayón, Luc Suárez, Nainita Desai, Paloma Peñarrubia, and Sergio de la Puente.


SoundTrackFest will be at the festival to give you detailed information about what happens there, but in the meantime, here is the complete concert program:


Thursday, September 9 – 20:00h – Teatro Cervantes (ticket price 20 €) Concert entitled ‘Mystique and Epic in Film’. Arturo Díez Boscovich will conduct the Orquesta Filarmónica de Málaga, which together with the Coro Ziryab will perform soundtracks of films in which human beings demonstrate their ability to overcome adversity and which have been created by great film composers.



  1. Amadeus, Symphony no. 25 in G minor + Rocky Going the Distance + Gonna Fly Now. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart & Bill Conti
  2. Grand Gothic SuiteBatman Forever / Batman & Robin, suite. Elliot Goldenthal
  3. The Patriot, suite. John Williams
  4. Schindler’s List, main theme. John Williams
  5. Braveheart, Freedom. James Horner
  6. The Mission, On Earth as It Is in Heaven. Ennio Morricone
  7. Hoosiers, main theme. Jerry Goldsmith
  8. Rudy, main theme. Jerry Goldsmith
  9. Mulan, suite. Jerry Goldsmith
  10. Forrest Gump, suite. Alan Silvestri
  11. Adú, La enfermedad / Sababoo. Roque Baños
  12. Gladiator, Now We Are Free. Hans Zimmer
  13. The Scout, World Series. Bill Conti

Friday, September 10 – 20:00hSala Unicaja de Conciertos María Cristina (ticket price 15 €) We will have the Movie Score Málaga Assemblé Orchestra conducted by Isabel Rubio in a concert dedicated to ‘Stories of Women’.



Story 1

Promising Young Woman, Anthony Willis

Original title: Promising Young Woman

Oscar for best original screenplay 2021 y 2021 BAFTA nomination for best original score

This first section also includes pieces from the scores of How to Train your Dragon: Homecoming and Solitary.


Story 2

For Sama, Nainita Desai

Original title: For Sama

Nominated for the 2020 Oscar for best documentary, winner of the 2020 BAFTA Award for best documentary and nominated by the British Independent Film Awards for best original score.

This second section also includes pieces from the score of American Murder: The Family Next Door.


Story 3

The Queen’s Gambit, Carlos Rafael Rivera

Original title: The Queen’s Gambit

2021 Emmy nomination for outstanding original music.


Story 4

Blood, Paloma Peñarrubia

2021 ASECAN nomination for best original score.

Saturday, September 11 – 20:00hTeatro Cervantes (tickets 20 €) It will be the turn of the ‘Tribute to the Music of Video games’ by the Movie Score Malaga Assemblé Orchestra conducted by Joan Martorell in a tribute concert in which some mythical pieces ‘reimagined’ by directors and composers will be heard.



IA Corrupta [Rogue IA]. Alternative versions of immortal works (Reimagining)

1. Entrando en la red – Invasión alienígena. 

Tron and Space Invaders, by Sergio de la Puente.

2. Lucy in the Sky with Videogames.

Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, Pac-Man, Castlevania, by Javier Bayón.

3. El lingote

Sonic the Hedgehog, The Secret of Monkey Island, Mortal Kombat, Wii Theme, Plants vs Zombies, by Carlos Martín Jara.

4. El viaje del bloque.

Tetris, by Dani Trujillo.

5. Virus Attack.

Resident Evil, by the Ferrando brothers.

6. El club de la lucha.

Street Fighter 2, by Luc Suárez.

7. Juegos de guerra.

Gears of War 2, by Óscar Senén.


Fin de la anomalía [End of the Anomaly]. Real versions of original pieces (World premiere)

  1. The Season of the Warlock, Carlos Martín Jara.
  2. Reventure, Daniel Parejo.
  3. Call of the Sea, Eduardo de la Iglesia.
  4. Blasphemous, Carlos Viola.
  5. Knack II, Anthony Willis.
  6. Fornite, Anthony Willis.


Epilogo corrupto [Rogue Epilogue] (Reimagining)

Bis. ¡Esparta!.  Halo 2, by Luc Suárez and Javier Bayón.

Sunday, September 12 – 20:00h – Teatro Cervantes (tickets 30€) The concert ‘MOSMA Masters’ will be held as the grand closing event of this edition, in an evening dedicated to the music of Gustavo Santaolalla, who will receive the MOSMA Maestro 2021 Award.


Two Oscars, two Baftas, a Golden Globe, 19 Grammys… These are only the most important awards of the multi-instrumentalist Gustavo Santaolalla, leader of Bajofondo, author, producer, and composer; one of the most prolific and recognized Argentinean musicians worldwide, who has produced and internationally promoted the careers of Café Tacuba, Molotov, Juanes or Julieta Venegas, to mention a few artists.


In this concert, with the Orquesta Sinfónica de Málaga conducted by Arturo Díez Boscovich and Juan Luqui (electric guitar), will review Gustavo Santaolalla’s entire career, with a selection of his songs arranged for symphony orchestra and some of his soundtracks. In addition, he will perform a world premiere of some musical pieces from the soundtrack of the video game The Last of Us and its sequel The Last of Us II.


The concert will also include: Suite Iñarritu (Amores perros + Biutiful), the suite Secreto en la montaña, the soundtrack of El libro de la vida, the soundtrack of Diarios de motocicleta, the suite The Last of Us I and II and some songs like The Journey, Ando rodando, Te quiero te espero, No sé qué tienen mis penas and Pa’bailar by Bajofondo.


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