SEMUA Festival in Galicia (Week of Music for the Audiovisuals)

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We expand here the information we offered just over a week in the article: Galicia Symphony Orchestra goes to the movies in September, since it already has confirmed on lectures and masterclass that will accompany the concert data, and which will lead to the celebration of the festival SEMUA – Week of Music for the Audiovisuals from 23 to 30 September in Galicia.



Three concerts of the Symphony Orchestra of Galicia, an open public trial three masterclass and workshop are the main activities of the Week of Music for the Audiovisuals, which held its first edition from next September 23 in four Galician cities: A Coruña, Ferrol, Ourense and Santiago.

SEMUA - Semana de las Músicas del Audiovisual

The Week of Music for the Audiovisuals, conducted by the composer Nani García, which give prominence to music for film, television and other media, offering viewers the best compositions in each genre and professionals and interested in audiovisual music the possibility of expanding knowledge of composition, production and interpretation of a type of music that everyone listens, but does not always get the direct attention of the listener.

According Nani Garcia, artistic director of the SEMUA, the intention of the festival is “give prominence to the musicians and the music, we want to give audio-visibility to a very important job and that is not always known it properly.”

Nani García

Week of Music for the Audiovisuals has two main features, besides its intention to draw viewers’ attention on music for film or television. The first is its itinerant character by Galicia, with four cities in this first edition, and the second is to be a musical event with a section dedicated to professionals and music specialists, through workshops and masterclass in which will participate the leading specialists composers on the international scene. In this first edition will be present in these quotes Luis Ivars, Pascal Gaigne, Sergio Moure, Fernando Velazquez and Manu Riveiro.

Week of Music Studies is an initiative of the Galician Audiovisual Academy with the Symphony Orchestra of Galicia and the SGAE Foundation.



Throughout the week, they held out three concerts with the Symphony Orchestra of Galicia (OSG), which are as follows:

Friday 23rd Septembre – 8:30pm – Great Cinema Classics

Palacio de la Ópera (A Coruña) – Tickets on sale for 5€

Thursady 29th September – 8pm – Semana Das Músicas Do Audiovisual

Auditorio de Ferrol – Tickets on sale for 10€–semana-das-musicas-do-audiovisual.html

Friday 30th September – 8pm – Semana Das Músicas Do Audiovisual

Auditorio Municipal de Ourense – Tickets on sale for 10€–semana-das-musicas-do-audiovisual.html

Also, along with concerts, the Symphony Orchestra of Galicia offer an encounter with viewers (Thursday, September 29, 10.. 00h Palace Opera A Coruña) in an open rehearsal, in which, at the end there will be a short discussion with attendees composers and moderated by the director of SEMUA, Nani García.

The programs of the concerts can be found here (link to the programs)



Furthermore, there will be three parallel activities:

On Tuesday 27 September at 6:30pm, in A Coruna, the composer Luis Ivars, president of Musimagen and board member of ECSA, explain for two hours in the masterclass entitled “Audiovisual Creation and rights of the creator” the “who, how and where “the intellectual and economic value of the audiovisual work is defended (How are the laws that affect them legislating. in what way influence their future)

Luis Ivars

As it indicated on the website:

“It is imperative that the author is aware of its value and right. The work of an author is the result of your personal effort, their training, acquired a wealth of experience, an aesthetic proposal and so many other factors that make creating a unique and valuable process. And in the case of audiovisual it is even more complex by bringing together a writer, director and composer authorship. So should the creator know the tools to protect their work with fair contracts and to enjoy the economic value added which granted its copyright.”

The masterclass is held in Room 9 of the Agora Center (A Coruña), and admission is free until full capacity, being necessary to enroll in:


On Thursday September 29th at 4:30pm, will take out a masterclass in Ferrol with composers Pascal Gaigne (responsible for the BSO of films like El Olivo, shortlisted to represent Spain at the Oscars, and Loreak) and Sergio Moure (composer of the music of Extinction, thesis on a homicide or TV series Six Sisters), who will talk about their profession and their compositions with attendees.

Pascal Gaigne - Sergio Moure

The place will be the Conservatory Xan Viaño (Ferrol) and the cost of admission is 5 €, first-served basis (Members of the Galician Audiovisual Academy: free).

More information and registration:


And finally, on Friday, September 30th at 4:30pm, will be held a masterclass in Ourense with composers Fernando Velázquez (known for films like The Impossible, Zip and Zap and Island Captain, among many others) , accompanied by fellow composer Manu Riveiro (manager of the BSO of the Unknown, with which got the Mestre Mateo to the Best Original Music in this 2016, or Meñique and the magic mirror), who will share their professional experiences with the public assistant.

Fernando Velázquez - Manu Riveiro


The place is the Blue Room – Ourense Auditorium and the cost of admission is 5 €, first-served basis (Members of the Galician Audiovisual Academy: free).

More information and registration: