SoundTrackFest joins the ISFMF Board

The International Sound & Film Music Festival (ISFMF), which will be celebrated from Saturday 19th to Monday 21st of October 2019 in Pula (Croatia), has recently announced that Gorka Oteiza, founder and director of SoundTrackFest, will be joining the ISFMF Board.

SoundTrackFest joins the ISFMF Board - Gorka Oteiza


ISFMF’s mission is to promote the importance of film music and its composers, as well as film sound. The festival’s goals are to originate and encourage discussions, connecting people, advising, educating young composers, but also other people, through discussion panels, seminars, film market, and media publishing.

International Sound & Film Music Festival (ISFMF) - Conferences


The ISFMF Board is an important organism to help to achieve those goals, having among others, the responsibility to conduct a selection of movies for nominations, and voting for the festival’s Crystal Pine awards.


With members in the board such as Robert Townson (eminent film music producer, with a long career in record and concert industry), Randy Thom (double Oscar-Winner sound designer) or John Patrick Corigliano (American-Italian composer) the 2019 edition of ISFMF has added, for the moment, the following names to the board:

  • Richard King (Sound designer and winner of four Academy Awards) – read more
  • Gary Marlowe (award-winning composer and multi-instrumentalist)read more
  • John Ottman (Oscar-winning editor and composer)read more
  • Richard Bellis (Emmy award winner, ASCAP member, and lecturer)read more
  • Doreen Ringer-Ross (Vice President Creative – Film, TV & Visual Media at Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI)) read more
  • Gorka Oteiza (Founder and director of SoundTrackFest)read more


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