Hollywood in Vienna 2017 – FIMU Symposium and festival program

Here we are again with more news about the 10th edition of the Hollywood in Vienna festival, adding additional information besides the opening concert “Janoskas go Hollywood” which was reported on Monday (read news) and unveiling the full program of events of the next week.


Although many people think that Hollywood in Vienna is reduced to just the two main concerts, there are actually various activities scheduled throughout the week, as you can see in the following planning:

  • Monday 9/25 – Opening concert – “Janoskas go Hollywood” (read news)
  • Tuesday 9/26 – FIMU 17 – Symposium
  • Wednesday 9/27 – FIMU 17 – Masterclass with Danny Elfman
  • Thursday 9/28 – Pre-premiere concert “Hollywood in Vienna” (read news)
  • Friday 9/29 – Gala-concert “Hollywood in Vienna” (TV broadcast) (read news)

So let’s talk now about the “FIMU Vienna – International Film Music Symposium”, which will take place in two days, with different schedules and different contents.

FIMU Vienna - International Film Music Symposium 2017 - Banner


Tuesday 26th will be the moment for the “FIMU Vienna – Symposium”, which will include a series of conferences aimed at all audiences from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the University of Music and Performing Arts of Vienna, with the following program and guests:

  • 9:00h – John Mauceri – Q&A – Vienna in Hollywood. Contributions of Austrian composers in the dream factory (In English)
  • 10:00h – Gerold Gruber – Exil Arte: Filmmusik und Exil – “Komponisten, Regisseure & Schauspielernlnnen”. Neue Ausstellung / Erich Wolfgang Korngold (In German)
  • 10:30h – Martin Tichy & Stefan Steinbauer – Q&A – Synchron Stage Vienna – Wenn Hollywood in Wien aufnimmt (In German)
  • 12:30h – Pause
  • 13:15h – Aleksey Igudesman – Q&A – A Music Traveler: Violinist in Hollywood (In English)
  • 14:00h – Lebo M – Q&A with Doreen Ringer-Ross – My Musical Contribution to Lion King and other Hollywood Soundtracks (In English)
  • 14:45h – James Shearman – Orchestrating and Conducting for Hollywood – Beauty and the Beast and more (In English)
  • 15:45h – Round Table – Entwicklung des Filmmusik-Standortes Wien 2007-2017-2027 With Dimitri Leivici, Johannes Vogel, Marijana Stoisits, Paul Hertel and Sandra Tomek (In German)
  • 16:45h – Danny Elfman – Q&A with Melinda Newman – My work for the movies – From Batman to Alice in Wonderland (In English)


The price of admission to the symposium is € 20 for students and € 25 for non-students, being necessary to register in advance in:



Wednesday 27th will be the moment for the “FIMU Vienna – Masterclass”, which will include a personal session with Danny Elfman from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the University of Music and Performing Arts of Vienna, where he will explain and tutor young musicians and composers on the creative process when composing.

FIMU Vienna 2017 - Danny Elfman


The price of admission to the master class with Danny Elfman has been € 150 for students and € 200 for non-students, being at the moment completely sold out.


For more information on the current edition of Hollywood in Vienna you can go to the official page:



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