Trevor Jones and Harold Faltermeyer at Filmmusiktage festival

On Sunday, October 29, the 10th Edition of Filmmusiktage film music festival began in Halle (Saxony-Anhalt region / Germany), which will be held until next Saturday, November 4th. Its programming includes the screening of film music related movies, workshops, conferences, several concerts and the presentation of German film music awards, in which composers Trevor Jones and Harold Faltermeyer will be honored.

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Let’s go in detail with the most remarkable parts of the program:


Deustcher Filmmusikpreis 2017 awards (German film music awards 2017) will be presented on Friday, November 3 at 7:30 p.m. in a gala ceremony to be held at the Steintor-Varieté in Halle (ticket price: € 18 – buy tickets)


The honorary award will be given to the German composer Harold Faltermeyer and the international honorific award will be for the South African composer Trevor Jones. The nominees in the other categories are:

Deustcher Filmmusikpreis 2017 - Trevor Jones


Best Music in Film

  • Oli Biehler (DAS KALTE HERZ)
  • Sebastian Pille (EINE UNERHÖRTE FRAU)
  • Ulrich Reuter & Damian Scholl (BEUYS)


Best Song for a Film

  • Caroline Adler & David Reichelt (“One Single Rose“ – KÖNIG LAURIN)
  • Martina Haider (Chaem) & Karsten Laser (“Follow Me” – NIRGENDWO)
  • Eckes Malz (“Now I wanna know“ – BERLIN REBEL HIGH SCHOOL)


Best Music in a Short Film

  • Philipp Fabian Kölmel (AINHOA)
  • Nicolai Krepart (EIN AUSNAHMEZUSTAND)


Young Talent Award

  • Max Clouth
  • David Ossa
  • Simon Rummel

Deustcher Filmmusikpreis

On Monday, October 30th at 8pm at the Luchs Kino cinema (Halle), the composer and musician Peter Pichler underscored live the famous film The Birds (1963) by Alfred Hitchcock, performing an unusual musical instrument, the trautonium. The trautonium is a peculiar electronic musical instrument created in 1924 by the German Friedrich Trautwein, precursor of the current synthesizers, which generates its sound from low voltage neon lamps.

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Peter Pichler - Trautonium


On Thursday, November 2nd at 7:30 p.m. at the Löwengebäude MLU (Halle) university, it will be the moment of the Cinematic Piano recital, which will be performed by the composer and pianist Jean-Michel Bernard, who will be accompanied by the voice of Kimiko Ono and the violoncello of Tim Ströble, to play film music in a wonderful exercise of virtuosity and improvisation.

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Cinematic Piano - Jean-Michel Bernard


And to close the festival, on Saturday, November 4th at 7:30 p.m., the closing gala concert will be held at the Opera House (Halle), celebrating 10 years of Filmmusiktage (Film Music Days Saxony-Anhalt). The concert will be performed by the Staatskapelle Halle orchestra conducted by Bernd Ruf and a set of classical and modern film music will be played from authors such as Franz Waxman, John Williams, Vangelis and the festival honorees Harold Faltermeyer and Trevor Jones, who will be part of the evening. In addition, there will also be the presence of German actress Judy Winter and the participation of clarinetist and saxophonist Rolf Kühn.

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Opera House - Halle


Regarding the educational / lective part of the festival, there’re the following events:


Masterclass – The Orchestra, is being held from October 29 to November 2, where young composers have the opportunity to compose music for an extract from “The Indian Tomb” (Joe May, 1921), and record it with the Staatskapelle Halle. Under the guidance of experienced lecturers and speakers, young talents learn how to work with an orchestra – whether they’re orchestrators, composers or recording producers.

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Masterclass - The Orchestra


The Orchestra Seminar will be held November 3 & 4 with composer and arranger Robin Hoffmann who will talk about the many challenges of working with a real orchestra in the field of soundtracks and film music. From the use of individual instruments to working with different software and creating note material, to the individual stages need to be planned well in order to ensure a smooth procedure in the studio, this seminar will deliver valuable practical tips beyond textbook approaches.

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Orchestra Seminar - Robin Hoffmann


The congress will be held November 3 & 4 and will bring together leading film composers, producers, directors, sound engineers and sound designers with young talents and interested audiences. The two days will encompass several presentations and lectures with insight information into the work of film composers and directors. Participants will include Mike Riemenschneider, Harold Faltermeyer, Ingo Ludwig Frenzel and Tobias Künzel among others.

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