OCNE 'Family concert’ in Madrid

Tomorrow Sunday, April 9th at 12 noon, the National Orchestra…
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LOTR in concert in Madrid - Sold Out

Film music is becoming more and more popular in concert halls,…

National Music Auditorium - October - Halloween Concert

And we continue with events related to film music at the National…

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Concert ‘Monsters & Villains’ - Movies and music with the OCNE

2019-03-05 - 08:35 h On Saturday, March 16, the Orquesta…

Concert ‘John Williams - In search of the unknown’ with the OCNE in Madrid

2019-02-09 - 9:00 h Next Tuesday, February 19, an ensemble…

‘TV Series Music’ concert with Arturo Díez Boscovich in Madrid (Spain)

2018-02-06 - 8:00 h Next month, Saturday, March 3rd,…