A Celebration of the Music of Michael Giacchino – Dublin 2019 – Pictures and brief review

Yesterday night we enjoyed a wonderful concert at the National Concert Hall in Dublin (Ireland): A Celebration of the Music of Michael Giacchino’.


The RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra excelled with a fantastic and committed performance, where you could see in their faces that the musicians were really enjoying the music. The orchestra was led by the expert and sharp conducting of Ernst Van Tiel, who was in charge of most of the concert with a precise and intense pulse.


He conducted the music of The Incredibles 2, Medal of Honor, Tomorrowland, Jupiter Ascending, War of the Planet of the Apes, Jurassic World, Up, Voyage (NASA 60th Anniversary), LOST, Ratatouille, Cloverfield, and Rogue One, with Aedín Gormley doing a great job introducing the pieces. The concert cleverly used visuals to illustrate the suites, sometimes with a slideshow of images and sometimes with videos that helped to get into context. A nice visual reinforcement, supported by some slight light effects, that didn’t saturate the audience.


Towards the end, Ernst handed the baton to Michael Giacchino, who entered the hall escorted by two Stormtroopers of the Legion 501, who took the opportunity to appoint Michael as an honorary member of the Legion.


Michael Giacchino introduced each of the final pieces with some spicy information before conducting them (Alias, Coco, Super 8, Star Trek), and he even told the story of the home-made movies he created with his friends when he was a kid; movies that were wonderfully used to illustrate the Super 8 suite.


The first encore was ‘Spiderman Far From Home’ in an 8-minute suite that was offered as a world premiere (something Giacchino likes to do on his concerts).


Michael Giacchino is really comfortable on stage, not only conducting but also speaking, and he’s a real showman. He even turned a technical problem with the click-track on the final encore of ‘Speed Racer’ into an advantage, creating the opportunity for a spontaneous Q&A from the audience while the technical problem was solved (which took about 5 minutes), making everybody laugh and enjoy those minutes.


A moment to remember in a concert for the memory!


A complete article will come out soon in SoundTrackFest, but meanwhile, here you have some pictures of yesterday’s wonderful concert.