Alexandre Desplat in Hollywood in Vienna 2016

Another year has passed, and with some delay compared to previous occasions, the festival Hollywood In Vienna has already announced the guest that will be the center of the concerts this October: Alexandre Desplat.

The official dates will be Thursday 13 and Friday 14 of October, with the musical content of both concerts the same, but being Friday a gala concert with the ceremony “Max Steiner – Film Music Achivement Award” to Alexandre Desplat (advisable to go to the second concert, if you have to choose only one of the two).

Hollywood in Vienna 2016 - Cover

The concerts will be held at the “Wiener Konzerthaus (Vienna Concert Hall)“, and will be divided into two parts, being the first, entitled “The Sound of Space” with music dedicated to space subgenre, paying tribute to the music of movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Interstellar, Star Wars, Star Trek, Contact, Contact or ET.

In the second part, a tribute to the music of Alexandre Desplat will be performed, with films like Harry Potter, Twilight, The King’s Speech, The Imitation Game or The Grand Budapest Hotel (Academy Award in 2015).

The performance will be borne by the ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra, and the director of both concerts will be the American Keith Lockhart, who replaced David Newman in the previous edition (and apparently with intention to stay).

Although not yet announced, it is common to have some conferences and workshops with composers invited to the festival, the same day or previous days to both concerts.

Hollywood in Vienna 2016 - Konzerthaus


Hollywood in Vienna is a prestigious event that has been held since 2007, and now in its ninth edition, has received relevant composers like Howard Shore, Alan Silvestri, Lalo Schifrin, James Horner, Randy Newman or James Newton Howard as main guests of previous editions.

Tickets will be available from Wednesday April 27, and as in previous years, they’re expected to run out on the same day, so be aware!

However, in 2016 we’re lucky, because we will also have the option to enjoy Alexandre Desplat in the Auditori of Barcelona on December 22nd and 23rd, conducting his own music.