Ryuichi Sakamoto honorary guest – World Soundtrack Awards 2016

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The Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto will receive the World Soundtrack Lifetime Achievement Award during the celebration of the sixteenth edition of World Sountrack Awards that will be held on October in Ghent (Belgium).

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Life Achievement Award

With this award, the career of this great composer will be recognized by one of the most prestigious European and world film music festivals.

Likewise, and as had happened in previous years, the festival has taken the opportunity to launch a crowdfunding campaign so you can edit a special compilation album, focusing on soundtracks of his films. (link https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/bringing-r-sakamoto-s-film-music-to-your-ears–2#/)

The award to Ryuichi Sakamoto will be presented during the gala concert to be held on October 19, which will play a selection of his work by the Brussels Philharmonic and the Flemish Radio Choir under the direction of veteran Dirk Brossé.

The second part of this gala will be completely dedicated to the new golden age of television, having music by David Arnold and Michael Price for Sherlock TV series, and the music of Max Richter for The Leftovers series.

Also, several composers will take the stage to be in charge of their compositions, as Jeff Russo playing drums in his music for Fargo, or Sean Callery to play the piano in his work for 24 or Homeland, ending with Jeff Beal on stage with his music for House of Cards.

Remember that an additional concert will be held on October 20th, repeating what was offered the previous day but without the gala, and also based on the music from television series, being focused primarily on those legendary childhood series as Dallas, Mission Impossible, Star Trek, The Untouchables, The Man from UNCLE or Dynasty.

World Soundtrack Awards 2016 - Banner

The Ghent Film Festival will announce names of additional composers at the end of June, as well as a full program of the festival.