CEC awards 74th Edition – Winners

Yesterday 28th of January, the ceremony for the 74th edition of the CEC awards was celebrated in Madrid (Spain) where the CEC medals were presented by the CEC (Círculo de Escritores Cinematográficos – Circle of Cinematographic Writers), a Spanish association that brings together journalists, writers, and film critics, with the objective of creating, supporting and spreading cultural activities linked to the various aspects of cinema.


The movie ‘El Reino’ by Rodrigo Sorogoyen won a total of 6 medals including the awards for best film, best director, best actor, best supporting actor, best script and editing, followed by the films ‘Quién te cantará’ and ‘Viaje al cuarto de una madre’ with 3 medals each.


The award for the best music went to Alberto Iglesias for his soundtrack for the film Quién te cantará, with the following nominees in that category:


  • Alberto Iglesias – Quién te cantará
  • Olivier Arson – El Reino
  • Alberto Iglesias – Yuli
  • Manuel Riveiro, Xavier Font – La Sombra de la Ley


The complete list of winners can be found at this link:




Premios CEC 74ª Edición - Foto de grupo