SoundTrackFest – Calendar 2019 – News

A new year has started, and we face it remodeling the calendar section of SoundTrackFest’s website, in order to make it simpler, more automated, and with new features such as searching or paging.


Do you want to know the concerts that are being held this month? When is there a concert in your city/country? On what dates does a composer give a concert? Links to all related news? If you answered yes, then CALENDAR is your section!


Indicate that in addition to the 2019 calendar, you can consult the calendars of previous years’ events in the top menu “Content -> Calendar” (2017-2018).


Here you have some sample images:

SoundTrackFest - Calendar 2019 - Cover


SoundTrackFest - Calendar 2019 - Main Page


SoundTrackFest - Calendar 2019 - Search by City


SoundTrackFest - Calendar 2019 - Search by Composer


NOTE: The Tours, Festivals-Events and Awards sections, are in the process of being remodeled and soon we will show you new features in them.