Curro Martín’s conference and Alberto de Paz’s recital in Cordoba

Tomorrow, Saturday, April 1st, at 12 noon, and during a special weekend-event named Santa Cruz Crea, a special journey dedicated to the history of cinema and its soundtracks will be celebrated in the neighborhood of Santa Cruz of Córdoba (Spain), with composer Curro Martín and pianist and runner-up of the television contest Got Talent Spain, Alberto de Paz.


The program planned for that day is as follows:

  • Noe Serrano, member of the technical and artistic team of DDT Special Effects, who has worked on the film “A monster calls“, will present different props of the film, among which we can highlight the original models and a reproduction of the head of the monster in real scale, with an approximate size of 1.80 meters height.


  • Composer Curro Martin will then give a lecture titled “Brief history of music in the cinema“, where he will make a tour of film music from its beginnings to the present day, speaking about the work of some representative Spanish composers and in particular of Fernando Velázquez, winner of the Goya Award for Best Original Music for his work on “A monster calls“.


  • Alberto de Paz, music professor and pianist, who became famous by participating in 2016 in the first edition of the Got Talent Spain TV contest, will musically illustrate the conference, and once finished, he will continue with a “Suite of Original Soundtracks from Cinema“, giving a review to the most famous and emblematic Soundtracks of Hollywood Films and Spanish Cinema.


  • After the suite, Noe Serrano will speak about his experience in DDT Special Effects as part of the technical and artistic team, and as responsible for the head of the monster, explaining step by step with photographs and audiovisuals the work in which he participated for four months

Santa Cruz Crea 2017 - Poster


The access to this and to the rest of the events that will be celebrated throughout the weekend called Santa Cruz Crea, are free entry, and more information can be found in: