Ennio Morricone at Prague Proms 2018 festival

The Prague Proms music festival, which will be held throughout the months of June and July of 2018 (read news of the 2017 edition), will include in its program several film music concerts, being the highlight the concert offered by Ennio Morricone on Sunday, July 15th.


Ennio Morricone, who returns to the Prague Proms festival after 7 years since his last visit, continues on his European Tour 2018 at 89 years of age, and will offer 3 concerts in the following days in Italy (read news).


This is the list of film music concerts included in the Prague Proms 2018 festival:


Sunday 1st of July – 7 p.m. – Monica Mancini AT THE MOVIES

With the performance of the singer Monica Mancini, daughter of the famous composer Herny Mancini, and together with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Kryštof Marek, the Smetana Hall (Municipal House) will host a concert that will review classic movie themes such as: Pink Panther, Mr. Lucky, The Thorn Birds, Ohio River Boat, Sunflower, Peter Gunn, It Had Better Be Tonight, Moment to Moment, Two for the Road, Charade, Hatari, Strings on Fire, Cinema Paradiso, Days of Wine and Roses or Moon River.


More information and tickets (prices 200-1000 CZK / 8-39 €):


Prague Proms 2018 - Monica Mancini


Sunday 15th of July – 7 p.m. – Ennio Morricone – Musica Assoluta

Once more the Smetana Hall (Municipal House) will host a concert offered by Ennio Morricone with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, accompanied by the Kühn Choir of Prague with Lenka Navrátilová as choirmaster.

The Musica Assoluta program, which includes some of Morricone‘s symphonic works as well as music from his best-known films, will have among others, the following pieces:

  • The Bible “Creation & The Babel Tower”
  • Vuoto d’anima piena, Cantata Mistica for Flute, Choir and Orchestra
  • Bugsy (1991)
  • H2S (1969)
  • Metti, una sera a cena “Uno che grida amore” (1969)
  • .. comme Icare “Icaro II” (1979)
  • Sicilo e altri frammenti (2007)
  • Ostinato ricercare per un’immagine (2009)


More information and tickets (prices 990-4990 CZK / 39-197 €):


Prague Proms 2018 - Ennio Morricone


Thursday 19th of July – 7 p.m. – Hollywood Night Vol. 21 – Carl Davis

Veteran composer and conductor Carl Davis will be in charge of the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, accompanied by the Kühn Choir of Prague with Lenka Navrátilová as choirmaster at the Smetana Hall (Municipal House), to celebrate the 21st edition of the concert Hollywood Night that has been held annually in Prague, with a program still not detailed.


More information and tickets (prices 500-1500 CZK / 20-59 €):


Prague Proms 2018 - Carl Davis


Complete and detailed information about the rest of the concerts, on the official website: