Eric Serra – Tour ‘Le Grand Bleu in Concert’ – Summer 2023

Today starts the first of the 3 summer concerts of the ‘Le Grand Bleu / The Big Blue’ tour, where the film will be screened, while Eric Serra and his musicians perform the soundtrack live.

Eric Serra - Tour ‘Le Grand Bleu in Concert’ - Summer 2023


The dates of the movie-concerts are as follows:

  • Saturday, July 22, 2023 – Antibes – La Pinede
  • Sunday, July 23, 2023 – Vienne – Theatre Antique
  • Thursday, August 31, 2023 – Thuir – Pellicu-Live


On May 11, 1988, Luc Besson’s ‘Le Grand Bleu / The Big Blue’ was released in theaters, with a soundtrack composed by Eric Serra. To celebrate the film’s 30th anniversary, two exceptional performances took place at La Seine Musicale in 2018 (sold out), with a new tour taking place at the end of 2022 (read more).

‘Le Grand Bleu in Concert’ with Eric Serra


In this show, Eric Serra and his musicians invite us to rediscover this essential work of French cinema, which they interpret on stage identically to the projection of the film, for an exceptional immersive experience.


On the soundtrack, using simple electronic sound boxes, Eric Serra manages to transcribe the atmosphere of the abyssal depths into music, with synthetic sounds that are reminiscent of whale song and create a sense of well-being.



  • Bass, vocals and musical direction: Eric Serra
  • Keyboards: Julien Carton, Sébastien Cortella
  • Percussion: Loïc Pontieux, David Salkin
  • Guitars: François Delfin
  • Saxophone: Renan Richard-Kobel


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