Fernando Velázquez winner in the Goya Awards

Basque composer Fernando Velázquez was last night winner of the Goya Award in the Best Original Music category, getting finally that award that had been unavailable to him on three previous occasions, when he was nominated by The Orphanage (2007), The Impossible (2012) and Spanish Affair (2014). Goya Awards - 31st Edition - Fernando Velázquez


Curiously, in the first two nominations he had worked with director J.A. Bayona, with whom he finally got his well deserved Goya Award this year for the music of A Monster Calls (2016).


Regarding best original song, the award was for Sílvia Pérez Cruz with the song Ai, Ai, Ai, from the movie Cerca de tu casa (2016).

Goya Awards - 31st Edition - Sílvia Pérez Cruz


The nominees in the two commented categories were:

Best original music/score

  • Fernando Velázquez – Un monstruo viene a verme (A Monster Calls)
  • Julio de la Rosa – El hombre de las mil caras
  • Pascal Gaigne – El olivo
  • Alberto Iglesias – Julieta


Best original song

  • Sílvia Pérez Cruz – Ai, ai, ai (Movie: Cerca de tu casa)
  • Luis Ivars – Descubriendo India (Movie: Bollywood Made in Spain)
  • Zeltia Montes – Muerte (Movie: Frágil equilibrio)
  • Alejandro Acosta, Cristina Manjón, David Borràs Paronella, Marc Peña Rius & Paco León – KIKI – Mr.K! feat Nita (Movie: KIKI, el amor se hace)


The complete list of winners can be found at the following link (follow link).