Film Festivals Days 2019 – Announcement and program

A new event is launching this fall: Film Festivals Days, a conference that will offer the first educational platform for organizers of Film Festivals, with new learning schemes and modules covering every field of project management.

Film Festivals Days - Information


Film Festivals Days will be celebrated in Pula (Croatia) on Sunday 20th and Monday 21st of October, 2019, and is aimed at organizers of film festivals in Europe, who are planning, developing, creating, organizing or contributing in various forms to European Film Festivals.

Film Festivals Days - Conference


This conference is organized by dreaMaker Productions, the people behind the organization of the well-known ISFMF (International Sound & Film Music Festival) in Croatia, with its executive director, Marijana Knezoci, leading the team.

dreaMaker Productions


Thus it is no coincidence that Film Festivals Days 2019 and ISFMF 2019 (read more) share dates and place (although not program), as they will complement each other, and will let audiences from both events generate new synergies.


The program of Film Festivals Days 2019 will be divided in 5 sections, addressing the different sides that a Film Festival has to cover:


  • Generation differences (keynote)
  • Long-term planning & audience development (keynote)
  • New age – New Audience: The evolution of film festivals (panel)



  • Cultural heritage and local identity (keynote)
  • Impact of film festivals on local community (workshop)
  • Film Festivals Capitals – Learn from Europe’s film festival metropolises (panel)



  • Presenting content (workshop)
  • Communicate it! The power of visual communication (keynote)



  • Piracy (keynote)
  • Virtual reality project presentation, powered by “The Kissinger Twins”
  • Film Festivals – content, technology, progress (panel)



  • Management of creative teams (workshop)
  • Art directors vs. Executives (panel)


The full program of this first edition can be found here in PDF format:


As side events, Film Festivals Days will have:

  • Best Film Festival’s Poster Competition (read more) and later exhibition on Sunday, October 20th, at 17:00h.
  • A Film Music concert on Sunday, October 20th, at 20:00h.


For this first edition of Film Festival Days, many European Film Festivals have shown interest on the conference such as: Athens International Digital Film Festival (Athens, Greece), Sukhum International Film Festival (Abkhazia, Georgia), Splat! Film Fest (Poland), VIDEO Hackers Film Festival (Online/Italy), PIAFF – Paris International Animation Film Festival (France), Visioni Corte Film Festival (Gaeta, Italy), Screen Dance Festival (Stockholm, Sweden), Copenhagen Jazz Film Festival (Copenhagen, Denmark), or Matsalu Nature Film Festival (Matsalu, Estonia).


To register for Film Festival Days 2019 and to get more information, you can follow this link:


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