Film Music Prague 2019 – Kebu, master of synths in concert

The 8th edition of Film Music Prague festival, which will be celebrated from 1-4 of February 2019, has announced a new event to its already packed program, the concert of Finnish artist Kebu, most known for being a master of analog synthesizers.

Film Music Prague 2019 - Kebu in concert


Kebu has created many successful covers and tracks, inspired by famous producers like Jean Michel Jarre, Giorgio Moroder or Vangelis, using only an array of analog synthesizers.


You can view some videos of his fantastic performances here:


His concert, which will be celebrated on Saturday, February 2nd, 2019 – 21:30h at the Forum Karlin of Prague (Czech Republic), will follow the concert ‘The Music of Stranger Things’ at 20h, and will be free if you have a ticket for the previous one.

Film Music Prague 2019 - Kebu in concert - Banner


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