Film Music Prague 2019 – Concerts program

UPDATE: 3/12/2018 – Added Kebu’s concert on 2/2/2019.


The 8th edition of Film Music Prague festival, that will be celebrated Friday 1st to Monday 4th of February 2019, and that will have John Powell and Harry Gregson-Williams as main guests, has announced the rest of the concerts that will make the full lineup of the festival, and also the addition of composers Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein to the guest list.


In total there will be 5 concerts in 4 days, with different sizes, shapes, and contents, so let’s go step by step:


FRIDAY – 1/2/2019 – STARS OF HOLLYWOOD – JOHN POWELL – 19h – Rudolfinum

The concert, centered in the music of John Powell, will have his presence and will be performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Miriam Nemcova, featuring the Kühn Choir.

PROGRAM (subject to changes) – 2,5h (intermission included)

  • Chicken Run*- The Opening & Final Escape
  • X-men 3: The Last Stand – Suite
  • Two Weeks Notice – Love Theme
  • Ferdinand – Suite
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story – Suite
  • Ice Age 2: The Meltdown – Suite

– – – Intermission – – –

  • The Bourne Identity – Opening Theme
  • Pan – Suite
  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith – Tango de los Asesinos
  • United 93 – The End
  • How To Train Your Dragon – Suite
  • How To Train Your Dragon 2 – Suite


*co-composed by Harry Gregson-Williams


Tickets, with prices between 399-1999 CZK (16-79 €) are already on sale on:


SATURDAY – 2/2/2019 – THE MUSIC OF STRANGER THINGS – 20h – Forum Karlin

A celebration concert with the music from Netflix’s series STRANGER THINGS, performed by composers and musicians Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein (of S U R V I V E). A soundtrack that has become one of the biggest pop culture phenomenons of the recent years, in a memorable event.

Tickets with prices between 799-1199 CZK (31-46 €) are already on sale (standing room only):


SATURDAY – 2/2/2019 – KEBU – MASTER OF SYNTHS – 21:30h – Forum Karlin

Finnish artist Kebu, most known for being a master of analog synthesizers, and creator of many successful covers and tracks, inspired by famous producers like Jean Michel JarreGiorgio Moroder or Vangelis, will offer a free concert for ticketholders of the previous one.

More information:


SUNDAY – 3/2/2019 – LEGENDS: RIDLEY SCOTT – 19h – Forum Karlin

Harry Gregson-Williams will be present to introduce his music written for movies of legendary director Ridley Scott, with pieces such as Kingdom of Heaven, The Martian, Prometheus and Exodus: Gods and Kings. The program will also include music from other Scott’s famous movies such as: Conquest of Paradise, Thelma and Louise, Hannibal or Gladiator.


The orchestra and choir haven’t been announced yet, but we know that Chuhei Iwasaki will be the conductor and that French singer Denez Prigent, who originally participated in the soundtrack for Black Hawk Down, will perform at the concert.

PROGRAM (subject to changes) – 2,5h (intermission included)

  • Harry Gregson-Williams – The Martian – Crossing Mars & Fly Like Iron Man
  • Vangelis – 1492: Conquest of Paradise – Theme
  • Jerry Goldsmith – Alien – Suite
  • Hans Zimmer – Black Hawk Down – Gortoz A Ran (feat. Denez Prigent)
  • Harry Gregson-Williams – Kingdom of Heaven – Suite

– – – Intermission – – –

  • Harry Gregson-Williams – Exodus: Gods and Kings – Suite
  • Hans Zimmer – Thelma and Louise – Theme
  • Harry Gregson-Williams – Prometheus – Theme
  • Jerry Goldsmith -Legend – Suite
  • Patrick Cassidy – Hannibal – Vide cor meum
  • Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard – Gladiator -Suite

Tickets, with prices between 799-1399 CZK (32-55 €) are already on sale on:


MONDAY – 4/2/2019 – REMEMBER THEM – A CHARITY GALA – 19h – Zofin Palace

The closing concert of the festival will be  a charity concert of classical works from famous composers of Hollywood, with John Powell’s oratorio A PRUSSIAN REQUIEM, in remembrance of The Great War, the European premiere of Howard Shore’s piano concerto RUIN & MEMORY, and the SONG FOR THE WORLD PEACE composed by legendary John Williams.


This charity concert supports the education of children in areas where the environment is damaged by war or natural disaster.


The concert will be performed by the Praga sinfonietta & choir conducted by Christian Schumann, with the solo voices of Petr Nekoranec (tenor) and Boris Prýgl (baritone) for the Prussian Requiem.

PROGRAM (subject to changes) – 1,5h (intermission included)

  • Howard ShoreRUIN & MEMORY concerto for piano and orchestra (European Premiere)
    • Andante nobile / II. Largo / III. Prestissimo

– – – Intermission – – –

  • John PowellA PRUSSIAN REQUIEMoratorio for tenor, baritone, choir and orchestra
    • Introduction to Moltke / The March
    • Beware the Bear We, The Glorious Dead / Easy The Papers of Peace
    • Let the Rails Roll / Victory Is Ours
    • My Reasoning / The Gift

Tickets with prices between 799-1599 CZK (32-62 €) are already on sale:


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