Galician Freaky Film Festival 2020 – Concert and film music conferences

The 3rd edition of the Galician Freaky Film Festival, to be held from 28th to 31st October 2020, will have this year several film music related events, included in the parallel activities of the festival.

Galician Freaky Film Festival 2020


Wednesday 28/10/2020 – 19:30h – Cine-concert “The Phantom Carriage”

Opening concert of the GFFF2020 at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Vigo, where the Caspervek Ensemble will play the live soundtrack to the 1921 Swedish film “The Phantom Carriage” by director and actor Victor Sjöström.


Caspervek Ensemble: Brais González, piano and direction / Blas Castañer, Percussion / Erea Carbajales, Violin / Tonio Comesaña, Clarinet / Ainara González, French Horn.

Galician Freaky Film Festival 2020 - Cine-concert “The Phantom Carriage”


Thursday 29/10/2020 – 17:00h – Recording of the Podcast Anónimo IV

Live recording of a program of Anónimo IV podcast, on musicology and musical research conducted in Galicia by Erea Carbajales and Brais González.


The program this time will focus on the world of soundtracks, having as guests the composers Nani García and Manuel Riveiro, and the director and founder of MundoBSO, Conrado Xalabarder.

Galician Freaky Film Festival 2020 - Podcast Anónimo IV


Friday 30/10/2020 – 17:00h – Aula Crea

The Galician Association of Management and Production Professionals (CREA), will present this year CREA CLASSROOM, a space of diffusion and formation inside the festival, where Conrado Xalabarder will participate to talk about the study and analysis of soundtracks.


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