Happy 92nd Birthday John Williams!

John Williams turns 92 years old today. A legend of film music. Happy birthday, MAESTRO! Here’s to many more years full of music!


A few days ago it was announced that the maestro will conduct concerts at Tanglewood this summer (read more) and at the Hollywood Bowl (read more), and he currently has concerts in Philadelphia and New York (read more) planned for this February. So… Maestro Williams seems to be in good shape!


Here is a 2-and-a-half-hour video with a great selection of his music… Enjoy it on this special day!


You can find all the news related to John Williams at the following link, including detailed summaries of the concerts he has given in Europe in the last few years: Vienna 2020, Berlin 2021, Vienna 2022, and Milan 2022.


Happy 92nd Birthday John Williams!