Hollywood Music Workshop 2019 & concert

The 11th edition of the film scoring academy Hollywood Music Workshop, will be held this summer from 8th of July till 4th of August 2019 in Baden (Austria).


Hollywood Music Workshop 2019 is comprised of five different masterclasses that can be attended individually or as a whole, with an amazing line-up of top Hollywood composers, orchestrators, arrangers, and musicians, in charge of this 11th edition: Garry Schyman, John Lunn, Joe Kraemer, Conrad Pope, Nan Schwarz, and Dimitrie Leivici.

Hollywood Music Workshop 2019 - Poster


The workshops, held daily from 9am-12am and 2pm-5pm, will cover from composing, orchestration, and arrangement, through recording with a real orchestra on the new world-class Synchron Stage Vienna and final mixing. This way, participants will learn the entire scoring process, gaining real-world knowledge delivered by some of Hollywood’s best.


The Hollywood Music Workshop 2019 schedule is as follows:

July 8 – 11: Garry Schyman – Composing for Video Games – Learn how to compose for video games, with advanced techniques of writing music for this genre from Garry Schyman, composer of some of the most creative games ever produced such as the Bioshock trilogy, Shadow Of War, Shadow of Mordor and many more.



Hollywood Music Workshop 2019 - Garry Schyman



July 13 – 16: John Lunn – Composing for TV Drama Series Hollywood Music Workshop covers for the second year the specifics of TV scoring, in a workshop that will show how to compose for multi-episodic dramas, with the mentoring of one of the best in this genre, John Lunn. Dive into techniques to keep a thematic arch across a TV series, while providing an individual score to every single episode.




July 18 – 21: Joe Kraemer – Scoring for Film: Navigating “The Triangle” – In this workshop Joe Kraemer will talk about the ‘The Triangle’, his distinctive way of approaching the conceptualization of scoring for films, both in terms of individual scenes, and the film as a whole, supplemented with examples from Kraemer’s own films, as well as the work of other composers.




July 23-29: Conrad Pope & Nan Schwartz – Orchestration and Arranging – Learn all the techniques behind orchestrating and arranging a piece from one of the best orchestrators in Hollywood, Conrad Pope, and Grammy Award-winning arranger Nan Schwartz. This six-day course will provide an insider’s look at the orchestration of film music: from basic instrumentation to complete execution of a score, addressing every step of writing professionally for an orchestra in today’s film world.




July 31 – August 4: Joe Kraemer & Conrad Pope – Professional recording at the Synchron Stage in Vienna – In this workshop, Joe Kraemer will guide the students through the recording process, with assistance from the booth from renowned composer and orchestrator Conrad Pope. The music of the participants will be recorded professionally, using state of the art equipment at the Synchron Stage in Vienna.

Renowned Hollywood concertmaster and Hollywood Music Workshop Director Dimitrie Leivici will lead the 50-piece orchestra and provide additional coaching during the 45-minute session. Scoring mixer and film composer Frankie Chinasky will be the lead recording engineer, leveraging the world-class equipment of the sound stage and the control room.


Hollywood Music Workshop 2019 - Synchron Stage Vienna


There’re still a few spots available for the workshops, so if you’re interested, you can still file an application on the official website:


Hollywood Music Workshop - Class of 2017


And finally, as we previously informed, the 11th edition of Hollywood Music Workshop will also hold a very special event on July 25th, a concert dedicated to the music of John Lunn at the Casino Baden. The concert will be performed by the Hollywood Music Workshop Orchestra conducted by Tristan Schulze, with Dimitrie Leivici as concertmaster and John Lunn at the piano, in an evening emceed by Thomas Mikusz from White Bear PR.


You can read more about that concert and access to ticket sales here:


Hollywood Music Workshop 2019 - John Lunn in Concert