International Film Festival of Aubagne 2019 with Trevor Jones and Patrick Doyle

On Monday, March 18th, started the 20th edition of the International Film Festival of Aubagne (Festival International du Film d’Aubagne – FIFA) in Aubagne (France), which will end on Saturday, March 23rd.


The festival, which focuses on film and music, includes conferences, meetings, workshops, film screenings and concerts, having Trevor Jones and Patrick Doyle as guests of honors, featuring also a very interesting list of guest composers: Bruno Coulais, Jean-Michel Bernard, Valentin Hadjadj, Jérôme Lemonnier, Romain Trouillet, Christophe Héral or Cyrille Aufort among others.


Among the film music related events of the festival, we can highlight the following:


Composition workshop with Christophe Héral. As part of the festival and organized with the collaboration of SACEM (Société des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Éditeurs de Musique), the French composer Christophe Héral will teach a composition workshop applied to the image from March 19 to 23, to a group of 8 young composers / musicians.


Awards to the best soundtracks. The festival will award a prize of 2000 € for the best original score for a feature film, 3000 € for the best original score for a short film, and an honorary Best Original Score Student Award. The ceremony will be celebrated on Saturday, March 23 at 20:30h at the Théâtre Le Comedia.

FIFAubagne 2019 - Premios



Special presentations. The guests of honor will be the protagonists of two special screenings:

* 19/3/2019 – 19:00h – Presentation of the movie Cinderella with Patrick Doyle (more information).

* 20/3/2019 – 19:00h – Presentation of the movie Mississippi Burning with Trevor Jones (more information).


Director/Composer duos: Cinéma Le Pagnol will include multiple director/composer encounters or just the composer, as an introduction to the screening of many films, with an explanation of the process they follow to create the soundtrack (tickets 4.5€):

* 18/3/2019 – 20:00h – Presentation of the movie Girl with its composer Valentin Hadjadj and director Lukas Dhont (more information).

* 19/3/2019 – 13:30h – Presentation of the movie Une Année Polaire with its composer Erwann Chandon (more information).

* 20/3/2019 – 19:15h – Benedikt Erlingsson (dir.) & David Thor Jonsson (composer) – Woman at war (more information).

* 21/3/2019 – 18:45h – Tom Moore (dir.) & Bruno Coulais (composer) – Le Chant De La Mer (The Song of the Sea (more information).

* 21/3/2019 – 21:00h – Denis Dercourt (dir.) & Jérôme Lemonnier (composer) – La Tourneuse De Pages (more information).

* 22/3/2019 – 19:30h – Screening of the movie Femmes du Chaos Vénézuélien with its composer Rémi Boubal (more information).

* 23/3/2019 – 18:00h – Presentation of the movie Edmond with its composer Romain Trouillet and director Alexis Michalik (more information).



On Thursday, March 21st at 21:00h, the concert called ‘Movie-Concert 4-Way Perspective’ was held at the Théâtre Le Comedia, as a result of the musical composition workshop in which students from four universities invited to the festival participate (Lithuania, Slovakia, Germany and France), where their music was performed by the musicians of the Aubagne music conservatory.

FIFAubagne 2019 - Movie-Concert 4-Way Perspective


On Thursday, March 21st at 22:30h, the Espace del Libertés venue hosted a Jam Session performed by the group LaLa Band, centered on themes from movies such as The Young Girls of Rochefort, Ghostbusters or Born to Be Wild.

FIFAubagne2019 - Jam Session


On Friday, March 22nd at 20:00h and as a special event to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the festival, a tribute concert to film music has been organized at the Théâtre Le Comedia by the Camerata du Rhône. There the audience will discover unpublished music of each of the composers who have been in charge of a master class in the festival in the past, and who have created a piece especially for this concert, with names such as: Bruno Coulais, Charles Papasoff, Cyrille Aufort, Gilles Alonzo, Jean- Michel Bernard, Jérôme Lemonnier, Marc Marder, Pierre Adenot, Raphaël Imbert, Selma Mutal, Stephan Oliva, Stephen Warbeck.

FIFAubagne2019 - Film Music tribute concert


On Saturday, March 23rd at 20:30h the Théâtre Le Comedia will be the venue for the closing concert of the festival called ‘Movie-Concert Master Class’ where the 8 students of the composition workshop taught by Christophe Héral will premiere the works created during the workshop, applied to extracts from movies or video games.


More information about the festival on its official website: