John Williams – Milan 2022 [CHANGED]

UPDATE (24/3/2022): Announced new date for the concert in 2022 (read more)


The website of the Filarmonica Della Scala orchestra of Milan (Italy) has changed the concert with John Williams scheduled for June 2022 (view concert).


The link where you could find information about this concert, now points to a blank page with an error message and is not available.

John Williams - Milan 2022 - Page Not Found


If you look at the orchestra’s calendar of events, you will see a gap in the dates and no concert scheduled for June 2022.

John Williams - Milan 2022 - Calendar


According to the information available, the orchestra is considering postponing the concert to a new date, probably in 2023.


The reason for this change could be the same as that of the Chicago concert on June 9, 2022, scheduled for 10 days earlier: a conflict of dates in John Williams’ projects.


The orchestra is expected to issue an official statement soon. As soon as more information is available, we will bring it to you in SoundTrackFest.