Krakow FMF 2020 – Polish Soundtrack of the Year

The Krakow Film Music Festival, will celebrate this year the 2nd edition of the Polish Soundtrack of the Year Award, to recognize the best original music created for the Polish production of a movie, series or animation in 2019.

Krakow FMF 2020 - Polish Soundtrack of the Year



A group of 50 journalists, critics, and bloggers related to the film and music industry, will select the best proposal from the ten nominees selected by the festival’s program team. This is the list of nominees:

  • Daniel Bloom – “Słodki koniec dnia”
  • Antoni Komasa-Łazarkiewicz – “Obywatel Jones”
  • Leszek Możdżer – “Ikar. Historia Mietka Kosza”
  • Łukasz Pieprzyk – “Legiony”
  • Jan Sanejko – “Interior”
  • Marcin Stańczyk – “Ciemno, prawie noc”
  • Łukasz Targosz – “Wataha”
  • Michał Woźniak – “Pan T.”
  • Hubert Zemler – “Eastern”
  • Maciej Zieliński – “Sługi wojny”


The results of the competition will be announced during the Scoring4Polish Directors concert in the festival, to be celebrated on Wednesday, 27th of May 2020 (read more). The winner of the competition will receive a statuette specially prepared for the occasion and an invitation to perform his/her music in a concert during the next edition of festival in Krakow.


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