Krakow FMF 2020 – Stranger Things

The Krakow Film Music Festival, which will be celebrating its 13th edition from Tuesday, 26th of May to Monday, 1st of June, 2020, unveiled yesterday, Dec 23rd, the fifth concert of this edition: Stranger Things, that will be celebrated on Thursday, 28/05/2020 – 22:00h, at the Hotel Forum.


Composers Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein will be performing the music from Stranger Things, in an event that will include also music from the movies, performed by local DJs. *Running time: 3 h 15 min


In the words of the organization:

The composers of Stranger Things’ original soundtrack bring a dance party to FMF fans immersing them in the climate of the 80s.

Oldschool, synth sounds, lights pulsating in the rythm of the music, the creators of the soundtrack behind the decks. All this in the ballroom of the brutalist Forum Hotel, that remembers the parties of the late communist era with such a true atmosphere the FMF fans will be able to time-travel to the late 80s.

The concert will begin with an around 90-minute DJ set performed live on synthesisers by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, the men behind the original soundtrack of the legendary Netflix TV series. A couple of hours before the show, they will meet the fans during an open meeting. After their set, thanks to the engagement of the local DJs, the interior of the Forum Hotel will be filled with synth-pop, electronic sounds – remixes of cult songs that were used in the TV series. We will hear compositions of the bands such as Wham!, The Who, Duran Duran, The Pointer Sisters or The Bangles and songs like Should I Stay or Should I Go, Material Girl, Monster Mash and Ghostbusters.”


Tickets for this concert can be found at the Eventim ticket portal and at InfoKraków Tourist Information Points, at 150 PLN (35 €):


The rest of the main program of the festival will be revealed in the following weeks, with announcements on 31 December 2019 and 2 January 2020. SoundTrackFest will keep track of these announcements, and will give you additional information as soon as it is available.


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