Maria Callas Hologram Tour with Eimear Noone – Europe 2018

Eimear Noone, who was in Bilbao (Spain) just a few days ago conducting the Librecon Videogames Concert (read news), will start today Sunday 25th the European part of the Maria Callas Hologram Tour.


Produced by Base Hologram, and with a very advanced technological set-up, that needs special light engineering as well as special projection elements, the concerts consist in blending seamlessly Maria Callas’ pre-recorded voice and image as a hologram, with an 80 piece live orchestra playing the music synchronously, conducted by talented Eimear Noone.


Maria Callas, a famous Greek opera singer that died more than 40 years ago, in 1977, was well-known for her peculiar style and voice, which made her unique in the world of opera and music.


Here you have a spectacular video, which shows you what you can expect in the European concerts that are just around the corner.


The tour will stop in London (25-nov), Amsterdam (26-nov), Brussels (27-nov), Paris (28 & 30-nov), Lyon (1-dec) and Basel (3-dec). After ending the concerts in Europe, the tour will come back to America in 2019, to travel North and South, while new dates will be added at a later time.


More information about the tour, the cities, and tickets (aprox. 25-95€):