MOSMA 2019 – Guests and concert program

The Movie Score Malaga (MOSMA) festival, which will celebrate its 4th edition from July 2 to July 6, 2019 (read news), has just announced today, Tuesday, May 21st at a press conference, its concert schedule and guest list.


Among the figures that will attend this 4th edition we will have names like John Debney, Robert Folk, Roque Baños, Sergio de la Puente, Daniel Pemberton, Siddhartha Khosla, Yasunori Mitsuda, Leo Birenberg, Zach Robinson, Arturo Cardelús, Paloma Peñarrubia, and Isabel Royán.


As for the interesting and varied concert program, we can find the following events:

  • Venue: Plaza de la Constitución
  • Orchestra: Orquesta Sinfónica de Málaga
  • Conducting: Roque Baños
  • Choir: Coro Zyriab
  • Price: Free
  • Preliminary program:
    • Ocho apellidos catalanes
    • El hombre que mató a Don Quijote
    • ¡A ganar!
    • Millennium: lo que no te mata te hace más fuerte
    • Zona hostil
    • Los últimos de Filipinas
    • El pasajero
    • Regresión
    • Cantinflas
  • Venue: Sala Unicaja de Conciertos María Cristina
  • Orchestra: Movie Score Málaga Assemblé Orchestra
  • Conducting: Isabel Rubio
  • Choir: –
  • Price: 12 €
  • Preliminary program: To be determined
  • Venue: Recinto Eduardo Ocón
  • Orchestra: Performed by the composers Siddhartha Khosla, Leo Birenberg, Zach Robinson
  • Conducting: –
  • Choir: –
  • Price: Free
  • Preliminary program: To be determined
  • Venue: Cine Albéniz
  • Orchestra: Piano & synths: Sergio de la Puente, Synths & programming: Joan Martorell, Guitars / voices: Ana Franco, Bass & guitars: Eloy Arostigui
  • Conducting: –
  • Choir: –
  • Price: 12 €
  • Preliminary program: Live to picture concert of the movie ‘Sin Fin’
  • Venue: Teatro Echegaray
  • Orchestra: Orquesta Catedral de Córdoba
  • Conducting: Clemente Mata, Arturo Cardelús, Joan Martorell
  • Choir: Coros Catedral de Córdoba
  • Price: 12 €
  • Preliminary program: Music by Leo Birenberg & Zach Robinson (Cobra Kai), Isabel Royán, Arturo Cardelús (Buñuel en el laberinto de las tortugas), Sergio de la Puente, Yasunori Mitsuda (Xenoblade Chronicles 2), Daniel Pemberton.
  • Venue: Teatro Cervantes
  • Orchestra: Orquesta Sinfónica de Málaga
  • Conducting: Joan Martorell, Oscar Senén, Robert Folk
  • Choir: –
  • Price: 18 €
  • Preliminary program:
      • Craig Safan – Starfighter: la aventura comienza
      • Elmer Bernstein – Los cazafantasmas
      • Jerry Goldsmith – Exploradores
      • Dave Grusin – Los Goonies
      • James Horner – Nuestros maravillosos aliados
      • Bill Conti – Karate Kid
      • Jerry Goldsmith – Gremlins
      • Suite Los ochenta electrónicos: Incluye ‘Golpe en la pequeña China’, ‘El vuelo del navegante’, ‘Tron’ y ‘Dentro del laberinto’
      • ‘Blade Runner’ reimaginado por Sergio de la Puente
      • Robert Folk – La historia interminable 2
      • Robert Folk – Encontrarás dragones
      • Robert Folk – Ace Ventura: operación África
      • Robert Folk – Operación: soldados de juguete
      • Robert Folk – Loca academia de policía
      • Homenaje a Robert Folk. Premio MOSMA
  • Venue: Teatro Cervantes
  • Orchestra: Orquesta Filarmónica de Málaga
  • Conducting: John Debney
  • Choir: Coros Catedral de Córdoba
  • Price: 18 €
  • Preliminary program: To be determined


Additionally, the festival will have, as in the last year, the following sections:

  • MOSMA MASTER, which will offer a training space for composers, musicians, and film directors, dedicated to those professionals who want to enrich themselves with the knowledge of the participants. A unique opportunity to receive classes and advice from musicians of great international prestige.


  • MOSMA INDUSTRY, premiered with great success in the last edition, aimed at composers, musicians, film directors, press, and specialized professionals. In these meetings, conceived as a new fundamental section of the festival, there will be talks with publicists, orchestra contractors, recording stage managers, agents, and copyright holders, who will provide a more specialized view of the sector.


  • MOSMA MEETINGS, will return from the hand of Isabel Vázquez, to make an interesting journey through the life, career, and personality of the guest composers. After these sessions, open to the public and to the press, there will be album signings, one of the most demanded sections every year at the international film music festival.


  • MOSMA CAFE, open to the public in the library area of the AC Hotel Málaga Palacio, will offer relaxed talks among friends about film music, with the presentation of records and books.


Tickets for all the concerts will go on sale on Wednesday 22/5/2019 at 11:00h at the Teatro Cervantes box office and internet (Uniticket). The price is 18 € for the concerts at the Teatro Cervantes and 12 € at Teatro Echegaray, Cine Albéniz and Sala Unicaja de Conciertos María Cristina, having the following progressive discount in the purchase of tickets:

  • 20% buying tickets for five or more concerts.
  • 15% buying tickets for four concerts.
  • 15% buying tickets for three concerts.


More information about MOSMA:


Official website of the festival: