Oticons Faculty 2017 – International Film Music Competition

Oticons Faculty is a contest for young talents, an international competition for film music composers organized by the agency Oticons Ltd / European Film Composers Talent Agency, in order to promote and introduce new composers.

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Last May 4, the selection process that has been taking place since January 1 for this year’s edition of Oticons Faculty finished, where a qualified jury chose the 10 winners of this interesting competition


The process begins with a first phase where the participants send three works, each with a previously fixed subject, which are evaluated by the jury selecting 20 candidates. Then the second phase begins, where within 5 days, the selected contestants have to send one of the best pieces they have created in the past, which will be evaluated for the final.


This year’s jury has had famous film music composers such as: Lalo Schifrin, Dirk Brossé, Jean-Michel Bernard, Bruno Coulais, Jan A.P. Kaczmarek, Joe Kraemer, Atli Örvarsson, Tuomas Kantelinen, Shigeru Umebayashi, Stephen Warbeck or Alex Heffes among others.

Oticons Faculty 2017


All the competition is performed using a web platform for the submission and evaluation of the works, in an anonymous way with a user identifier, so that only at the end of the process the names of the winners are revealed. You can read more information on how this year’s process has been carried out in:



The list of winners of this 4th edition of the Oticons Faculty competition is as follows:

  1. Serge Pervov (RUSSIA)
  2. Sebastian Bartmann (GERMANY)
  3. Claude Chalhoub (LEBANON)
  4. Jeremy Leidhecker (IRELAND)
  5. Dan Milidge (U.K.)
  6. Sam Jones (U.K.)
  7. Lara Ingrosso (ITALY)
  8. Benedikt Brydern (U.S.A.)
  9. Raphaelle Thibaut (U.K.)
  10. Henning Hansen (GERMANY)

And their works can be listened in :


The 1st Winner, will enjoy a full week of events, concerts, masterclasses and workshops at the amazing Krakow Film Music Festival while the 2nd Prize Winner will attend the prestigious Film Fest Gent and the World Soundtrack Awards.


French Benoît Lefèvre was the winner of the competition in 2016, and an album from that edition with 21 tracks has been published on Spotify (follow link), iTunes (follow link) and Amazon (follow link) containing the works of the top 10 classified:

  1. Oticons Faculty Album 2016Hymn – Benoît Lefèvre
  2. Thème à l’ancienne – Benjamin Violet
  3. Au talon – Benjamin Violet
  4. An Old Story – Jan Fite
  5. Escape Velocity – Bart Walus
  6. Survival Instinct – Mehdi El Morabit
  7. Venus – Christoph Zirngibl
  8. Mystery Movements – Marios Gligoris
  9. Renascence – Marco Cascone
  10. Unexpected Memories – Mehdi El Morabit
  11. Suite from Trans Bavaria – Christoph Zirngibl
  12. Kill the Clown – Marco Cascone
  13. Manhattan Romance – John Paul Hayward
  14. String Chase – Bart Walus
  15. The Day We Fight Back – Jeffrey Van Rossum
  16. Con furia, deciso – Jan Fite
  17. Arrival of the King – Marios Gligoris
  18. Stormlight – John Paul Hayward
  19. Battle of the Brave – Jeffrey Van Rossum
  20. Run, Leap, Howl! – Benoît Lefèvre
  21. Despicable Me – Rafal Arciszewski

A note to young and beginning composers; 2018 edition of Oticons Faculty will keep the same dates, from January to May 2018. So …. Mark them on your calendar!