SoundTrack_Cologne 19 – Film composers announced

The 19th edition of SoundTrack_Cologne (8 – 11.06.22 / Cologne, Germany), has announced its guest composers for the film thematic block: John Ottman, Jon Ekstrand, Ádám Balázs, and Sanna Salmenkallio.


SoundTrack_Cologne’s program consists of four major thematic blocks ‘Composing for Games’ (Thu), ‘Composing for Film’ (Fri) ‘Composing for TV series’ (Sat) and ‘Reality Check’ (Thu – Sat), among others.


On Friday, June 10, 2022, four renowned composers will join at SoundTrack_Cologne for an in-depth discussion of their careers, musical upbringing and influences and their perspectives on creativity: HARPA Award Winner Sanna Salmenkallio, BAFTA and Oscar winner John Ottman (“Bohemian Rhapsody”), The Danish Robert Award laureate Jon Ekstrand (“Morbius”) and Ádám Balázs, composer of “Story of my Wife” and “On Body and Soul”.

SoundTrack_Cologne 19 - Film composers announced


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