World Soundtrack Awards 2023 – Laurence Rosenthal

96-year-old American composer Laurence Rosenthal is set to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 23rd edition of the World Soundtrack Awards on 21 October 2023. A veteran composer from film, television and theatre, Rosenthal has been a musical force for decades and has built a distinguished career since the fifties. He has written music for over a hundred films and television shows, such as George Lucas’ The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (1992) and its subsequent TV movies, earning him critical acclaim and countless accolades, including three additional Emmys, to go with his previous four.


“I am greatly honoured by this recognition from the World Soundtrack Awards and am so much looking forward to being present for the 50th anniversary edition of Film Fest Gent. It has been so lovely to see appreciation of film music and the enjoyment of live film music reaching new heights in recent years. The World Soundtrack Awards has been so vital in leading the way. Music in a film has the capacity of representing what the eye does not see. Beyond its more conventional functions of underscoring action and providing atmosphere of locale and time period, film music can offer an interior view of what is happening on the screen, often remarkably probing inside a character’s mind and feeling and mirroring mental and emotional states, an additional dimension to story and visual impression. An average viewer may often be completely unaware of music’s role, but nevertheless responds subconsciously and its sounds will influence their relation to what they are seeing.”Laurence Rosenthal, March 2023.

World Soundtrack Awards 2023 - Laurence Rosenthal


Rosenthal will join fellow Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Nicola Piovani and returning Discovery of the Year winner Eiko Ishibashi as one of WSA2023’s official musical guests.


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