The LOST Concert – European Premiere – Dublin 2019 – Pictures and brief review

Yesterday night we attended the second concert that Michael Giacchino has conducted this weekend at the National Concert Hall in Dublin (Ireland): We Have to Go Back: The LOST Concert Dublin’.


A concert that did a great summary of the 6 seasons of LOST through the fabulous music of Michael Giacchino: from the first moment in which a crashed plane and its protagonists appear on the island, to the controversial, but revealing end of the series.


All these moments and many more took place last night, where the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra and Michael Giacchino, dressed in a casual style, made us enter the musical world of LOST helped by video clips, interesting additional information… and several surprises.


The first of the surprises was the participation of Carlton Cuse, screenwriter and showrunner of the series, that although he was already announced as a presenter, it was highly interesting to listen to his appearances carrying the thread of the evening, telling stories, and reading texts related to the music we were going to listen to.


The second surprise was the surprise appearance of the actor Jorge Garcia (Hugo ‘Hurley’ in the series), who gave a touch of humor and color in his different interventions throughout the night.


And if this were not enough, at the end of the evening we received a special surprise: Michael Giacchino took the microphone to inform that the whole concert was being recorded for a later special album release. And due to this, he requested the complicity of the audience to repeat several of the pieces of the concert as an encore, but without the voice/effects tracks, only with the orchestra, so that they could be included ‘cleanly’ in the album. This way, the end of the concert became… a recording session!


In short, a very special evening for LOST enthusiasts, and highly enjoyable night for fans of the music of Michael Giacchino.


A complete article will come out soon in SoundTrackFest, but meanwhile, here you have some pictures of yesterday’s concert.