7th International Film Music Competition 2018 and concert in Zurich

A total of 304 composers from 44 countries all over the world participated in the 7th International Film Music Competition, and were judged by an international expert jury composed of 4 members: Cliff Martinez (president, film composer), Christine Aufderhaar (film composer), Sabine Gisiger (film director) and Frank Strobel (conductor of the award concert).


With a submission deadline on 1 June 2018, participants were invited to score the 4‑minute short film HAPPINESS by Steve Cutts for symphony orchestra.



The selected five participants are the following:

  • Sebastian Androne-Nakanishi (Romania)
  • Baptiste Cathelin (Canada)
  • Antoine Duchêne (France)
  • Juan J. Ochoa (Spain)
  • Lente Verelst (Belgium)

7º International Film Music Competition - Nominees


These five compositions will be world-premiered by the Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich under the baton of Frank Strobel during a film music concert in the Tonhalle Maag (Zurich) tonight, 4 October 2018. On the same evening, the winner will be chosen by the jury and awarded the Golden Eye “Best International Film Music 2018” endowed with CHF 10.000 (8.788 €).


The concert of today, October 4th, will have the following program, and will be repeated tomorrow Friday 5th with some variations:

  • International Film Music Competition with award ceremony for the short film “Happiness” by Steve Cutts (Sandra Studer, presentation)
  • Lalo Schifrin – Theme from MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE (1966)
  • Alexandre Desplat – Music for Thrillers
    • Theme from THE IMITATIONGAME (2014)
    • Suite from THE GHOST WRITER (2010))
  • Bernard Herrmann – Suite from KILL BILL VOL.1 (2003) – Twisted Nerve
  • Billy May – Suite from KILL BILL VOL.1 (2003) – Green Hornet
  • Riz Ortolani – “Oh My Love” from DRIVE (2011)
  • Jerry Goldsmith – Suite from BASIC INSTINCT (1992) – Roxy Loses /Main Title
  • Howard Shore – “The Apartment” from SEVEN (1995)
  • Klaus Doldinger – Symphonic TATORT (2011)
  • Cliff Martinez – The Green Head from The Underneath – Suite from Game Night (musical arrangement Stefan Behrisch)World premiere
  • Michael Giacchino – “Schifrin and Variations” from MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III (2006)


Tickets for both concerts:

Thursday, Oct 4th – 19h – Tonhalle Maag (Konzertsaal) – 35-120 CHF (31-106 €)


FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/967964130034640/


Friday, Oct 5th – 22h – Tonhalle Maag (Konzertsaal) – 20-55 CHF (18-48 €)


FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1805679782802618/


The 7th International Film Music Competition ceremony will take place during the 14th Zurich Film Festival (27 September – 7 October 2018) and is organized by Zurich Film FestivalTonhalle Orchestra Zurich and Forum Filmmusik.


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