Film Music Concert at the San Sebastian Festival 2017

The traditional film music concert that is annually organized during the San Sebastian Festival / Donostia Zinemaldia will be held Saturday, September 23 at 12:00 pm, while the festival celebrates its 65th edition (September 22 – 30).

Film Music Concert at the San Sebastian Festival 2017


The concert will be performed at the Antonio Elorza Velodrome (San Sebastian, Spain), and will be in charge of the Basque National Orchestra conducted by José Miguel Pérez-Sierra, having the participation of the Orfeon Donostiarra.

The program of the concert will be the following:

  • Ángel Illarramendi – The Borgia (Suite)
  • Xavi Font – The Apostle(Suite)
  • Javier Navarrete – Pan’s Labyrinth (Suite)
  • Joserra Senperena – Nur eta herensugearen tenplua (Suite)
  • Jesús García Leoz – Welcome Mr. Marshall! (Suite)


No information is yet available on whether any of the composers involved in the program will be present at the concert, but as it has happened on previous occasions, it is expected to be so. Likewise, it is expected that the concert will be free prior to invitation tickets that can be collected at the festival office, although it is an aspect to be confirmed.

Zinemaldia 2016 - Concert


SoundTrackFest will inform as new data arises, but for the moment, you can read the review of the concert carried out in 2016 in the following article: