FIMUCITÉ 12 – The Theremin and Lydia Kavina

The artist Lydia Kavina, who already participated in the 10th edition of the Tenerife International Film Music Festival (FIMUCITÉ), will return this year as a guest to the 12th edition, to be part of the closing concert playing the Theremin.

Fimucité 12 - Lydia Kavina


The Theremin, an electronic instrument composed of a box and two metal antennas, was created by the Russian musician and scientist Léon Theremin in 1934 for the Lithuanian violinist Clara Rockmore, who became the maximum representation of the technique and interpretation of Theremin. Currently, Lydia Kavina, granddaughter of Léon Theremin‘s first cousin, is the most important exponent and great promoter of this instrument worldwide, having played in films like ‘eXistenZ’ by David Cronenberg, ‘Ed Wood’ by Tim Burton or ‘The Machinist’ by Brad Anderson.


To celebrate the Theremin, Fimucité in collaboration with the Filmoteca Canaria have programmed a series of films called ‘Theremin, the music of science fiction’, which will include screenings from September 11th to October 25th at the Teatro Guiniguada and the Multicines Tenerife cinemas, offering a space dedicated to this particular electronic musical instrument that is played without contact, by proximity, and that has been used in numerous classic science fiction and horror movies.

Fimucité 12 - ‘Theremin, the music of science fiction’


The 12th edition of Fimucité, that will be held from Friday, September 21st to Saturday, September 29th, 2018, will be centered on the film genre dedicated to extraterrestrial encounters and alien invasions, offering a total of 8 concerts throughout the 9 days of the festival.


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