FIMUCITÉ 17 – The festival starts!

The 17th edition of FIMUCITÉ, dedicated to the universe of comics, kicks off today, Friday, June 30, with a summer film projection series that will be celebrated on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons with a program of five films.

FIMUCITÉ 17 - Summer cinema


At the same time, the Sala de Arte Los Lavaderos will offer the exhibition ‘Pacheco & Azpiri, in memory of two great artists’, dedicated to two of the most outstanding Spanish comic authors, Carlos Pacheco and Alfonso Azpiri.

FIMUCITÉ 17 - Pachecho & Azpiri


As for concerts, FIMUCITÉ 17 will celebrate its biggest edition to date, having tomorrow July 1 its first concert: ‘Guardians of Rock’ with the Pop Culture Band at the Guimerá Theater, followed by ‘Electronic Penderecki’, ‘Jazzdalamenti’ and ‘Pixel Heroes’ next weekend. The festival will end on June 14 and 15 with the symphonic concerts ‘Excelsior: The Legacy of Stan Lee’ and ‘Gods and Detectives’ at the Tenerife Auditorium.

FIMUCITÉ 17 - The festival starts!


Among the international guests at the festival will be: Tyler Bates, Juno Reactor, Jesper Kyd, Michael McCuistion, Kristopher Carter, Lolita Ritmanis, Joseph LoDuca, Greg Ellis, Benoit Grey, Jan Sanejko, or Leigh Phillips among others, under the baton of the composer, conductor and artistic director of the festival, Diego Navarro.


In addition, between Monday, July 10, and Saturday, July 15, the eighth edition of the FIMUCITÉ Film Scoring Academy will be held, which includes an outstanding program of free master classes and round tables (read more).

FIMUCITÉ 17 - Fimucité Film Scoring Academy


SoundTrackFest is proud to be a media partner of FIMUCITÉ, one more year, and will provide on-site and online coverage from Tenerife during the festival, at least the weekend of the symphonic concerts. 😉

FIMUCITÉ & SoundTrackFest

Enjoy!!! 🎶🎉⭐🎥🎶 😉


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