Fimucité Film Scoring Academy is born

The tenth edition of Fimucité, which starts in just over a week, is loaded with content and news, and while last week it was announced that during the special Gala Closing Concert (October 1st), Howard Shore himself would take the baton to conduct the orchestra to some of his music, yesterday, an announcement just as interesting was made; the creation of Fimucité Film Scoring Academy.


This initiative is aimed to students and professionals who want to receive specialized training, where prestigious composers Lolita Ritmains, Kristopher Carter and Michael McCuistion, members of the Dynamic Music Partners, will offer a workshop addressed to musicians.

Dynamic Music Partners

Besides, a seminar for audiovisual composers and students of music composition will be given by Emmy award winner composer Richard Bellis, member of ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers).

Richard Bellis

The programme is as follows:




25th of September – Sunday – From 2pm to 5pm

“Becoming a Professonal Musician in the World of Studio Recording” (for music students).

First part:

– The power of film music—understanding how the musicians’ performance drives the story-telling.

– Discussion about what composer is trying to achieve with the music, mood, orchestration.

– Playing clips of music to picture and discussing impact.

Second part:

– How to prepare for a career as a studio musician.

– What are the skills needed.

– Q & A.



Seminar for audiovisual composers and students

30th of September – Friday – From 11:30am to 2pm

11:30am Creativity on a Deadline (Introduced by Shawn LeMone)

“Courting the Muse” is more like speed-dating for today’s media composer. How can we guarantee the score will be finished on time when we don’t have an inkling of what to write? A score cannot be brilliant enough to overcome being incomplete upon delivery. This class talks of a method for fostering both creativity and efficiency when 30 or 40 cues are required in a specific time-frame.

1:00pm Skill Sets: Not Available from Any Software Manufacturer (Introduced by Agata Grabowiecka)

This talk shines a light on those aspects of film and TV composing which can’t be bought but can be taught. Once the software, samples and plugins are laid aside, what is the core, creative process behind scoring and what are the right choices to make? Among the many insights, this seminar highlights the question of Sonic Competition



Seminar for audiovisual composers and students

1st of October  – Saturday – From 12:30pm to 2pm

12:30 – The Director/Composer Relationship (Introduced by Michael Todd)

What gives a director confidence in a composer? How can we make them WANT to like our music? Professional Conversations are essentially presentations. They are, to the filmmaker, an outward display of how your mind works; of whether your thinking process is organized or scattered. Your conversational abilities can instill either confidence or skepticism and the last thing we need is for a director to be skeptical or apprehensive about the music we’re going to create for the film.



All activities are free entry and will be held at Aula Magna del Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Santa Cruz de Tenerife during the festival, and will be sponsored by Cabildo Insular de Tenerife, the Canary Islands Government and Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council.

Participants to these events will receive an official diploma for their attendance and must request prior registration on the official website of the festival,

Furthermore, as part of this initiative, both the tribute to Shirley Walker and the Animated Warner Heroes concerts, to be held at Teatro Guimerá, will have matinee sessions for the school public on September 28th and 29th. This way, Fimucité is committed with promoting culture in order to attract young people, as well as creating new audiences among music and film lovers.

All great initiatives, which will be followed and covered from SoundTrackFest, in attendance to this tenth edition.