Hollywood in Vienna 2018 has official dates

With some delay compared to the announcement made last year, the official dates of the Hollywood in Vienna 2018 have just been made public today: Thursday 18th and Friday 19th of October. This way the event returns to the month of October, after being celebrated last year at the end of September, coinciding with Fimucité.

Hollywood in Vienna - Concert


No central guest has been announced yet or date for the ticket sales (in the previous edition it was on Monday, February 27th, 2017), but this is expected to happen soon.


Coincidently, the main guest for the World Soundtrack Awards 2018 was unveiled yesterday, with its main concert date being on Wednesday, October 17th, just a day before Hollywood in Vienna, causing both festivals to be one after the other in the calendar (read news).


SoundTrackFest will follow up this news in the next few days with great attention, but meanwhile, you can read summary articles of the last three editions of Hollywood in Vienna at the following links:

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Official web site: http://www.HollywoodinVienna.com