John Williams – Berlin 2025

What we brought to you last week as a possibility (read more) is now a reality, John Williams will be in Berlin in June 2025, to conduct the Berliner Philharmoniker in three concerts dedicated to his film music entitled ‘John Williams conducts John Williams’.

John Williams - Berlin 2025


Official description:

What would films like Star WarsJurassic ParkIndiana Jones or Harry Potter be without his extraordinary music? John Williams, superstar of American film music, gave all these blockbusters their unmistakable sound. His soundtracks provide so much more than catchy tunes; they lend depth and nuance to both stories and characters. In 2021, John Williams made his debut with the Berliner Philharmoniker, leading the audience through the cosmos of his work. This season brings a new opportunity to hear him conduct his own music: a major event, not just for film fans.


Concerts dates:

  • 05 Jun 2025, 20:00h – Thu
  • 06 Jun 2025, 20:00h – Fri
  • 07 Jun 2025, 19:00h – Sat


Individual tickets for the concerts will be available next year, starting on 23/02/25. Tickets for concert on Jun 5th & June 6th can already be bought as part of concert packages ‘Series F’ and ‘Series M’.


More information: