Possibility of ‘Lost in Concert’ with Michael Giacchino in Ireland in 2019

After the recent ‘We Have to Go Back: The Lost Concert 2018’ that was offered in September 2018 in Los Angeles (read news), by the Hollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Michael Giacchino, and that had many of the actors and directors/scriptwriters of the series on stage, Michael Giacchino has released the following question a few days ago in his Twitter account:

Interested in getting information on a possible LOST concert in Dublin, Ireland June 2019? Email us at wehavetogobackconcert@gmail.com subject line: DUBLIN. Will keep you posted.




If this happens, it would be great news for all the European fans of LOST and of Michael Giacchino, since Dublin would host in June 2019 the first LOST thematic concert that happens in Europe, conducted by the composer of the soundtrack.

Michael Giacchino - Lost in Concert


SoundTrackFest will give you more details as soon as they’re available. Meanwhile, you can take a look at this special article and relive the fabulous concert that Michael Giacchino offered in 2017 in London to celebrate his 50th birthday: