SoundTrackFest turns 3 years old today with more than 4200 followers!! (1/9/2016 – 1/9/2019)

2019-09-01 – 14:35 h

🎂🍾🥂 SoundTrackFest is proud to celebrate this third anniversary (1/9/2016 – 1/9/2019) with all its followers. The beginnings are always difficult times, and starting a new project from scratch is something complex, despite having years of previous experience in the world of soundtracks.


But one more year, there you have SoundTrackFest, running full throttle, with more than 4,200 followers on Facebook that testify and support the strength of the project; followers that have to be thanked for their interest, their time, their support, and their affection.


SoundTrackFest is the only page in the world dedicated to reporting on film music events & festivals that has all its content in two languages: Spanish/English. In addition, according to rankings that have been published, it is the 2nd page in Spanish, only behind MundoBSO. Both are reasons to be proud of.


In three years there have been published…

✅ More than 1010 articles and detailed news.

More than 1392 micro-news or brief news.

A total of 73 extensive special articles covering festivals or concerts.

A total of 47 interviews with composers and orchestra conductors, with another 20 interviews already recorded and in process of preparation to be published in the following months.


🔆 Regarding event coverage, the following festivals have been attended: Film Music PragueKrakow FMFMOSMA, SoundTrack_Cologne, FIMUCITÉ, World Soundtrack AwardsISFMF, Game Music Poland, and Hollywood in Vienna, besides several special concerts with special focus on Ennio Morricone’s concerts in Turin, Rome, Prague, Bilbao, and Madrid, ‘The World of Hans Zimmer’ tour when it visited Krakow, London or Madrid, the concerts of Michael Giacchino in Dublin with his music and with the music of the TV series LOST, the concerts of Joe Hisaishi in 2019 in Paris and Prague and in 2017 in Paris, Woody Allen’s concert in Bilbao, John Lunn’s concert with Downton Abbey, the concert organized by SoundTrackFest – Librecon Videogames Concert, the inaugural concert of the FSO tour in Valencia in 2019, John Carpenter’s concert in Barcelona, West Side Story in concert in Bilbao, Brian Tyler‘s two concerts in London in 2016 & 2018, Michael Giacchino’s 50th anniversary special concert in London, James Newton Howard’s concerts in Frankfurt and BilbaoAlexandre Desplat’s concert in BarcelonaJohn Williams’ concert in Boston, or Michael Legrand, Terence Blanchard, Michael Nyman and Antonio Sanchez’s concerts in Seville, among many others.


🎤 In addition to the exclusive interview that Hans Zimmer gave to SoundTrackFest during his visit to Barcelona a few months ago to the ‘The World of Hans Zimmer’ tour, in the interviews section you can find well-known names such as Lalo SchifrinJohn Debney, James Newton Howard, Danny Elfman, Alexandre DesplatChristopher Young, Trevor Jones, Bruce Broughton, Doreen Ringer-Ross, Antonio Sánchez, Nicholas Britell, Iván Palomares, Yasunori Mitsuda, Ben & Nick Foster, Sean CalleryJeff BealBrian Tyler, Christophe Beck, Victor Reyes, Trevor MorrisKeith Lockhart, Mac Quayle, David Shire, Sergio Moure de Oteyza, Diego NavarroJoseba BeristainSergio de la Puente, Greg SimsMikel F KrutzagaAtli Orvarsson, Jeff Russo, Frank Strobel, Taro Iwashiro, Erik Oschner, Garry Schyman, Kevin Kiner, Joe Trapanese, Takeshi Furukawa, Nathaniel Mechaly, Cyrille Aufort, Krzysztof Zanussi, Robert Folk, Tina Guo, Roque Baños or Don Davis, among many others.


🔣 And all the above-mentioned content has been published always “two times”, that is, in two languages: Spanish and English!!


Although with such a large amount of content, if we start to give names, it is likely to forget someone, we are going to try and we want to thank all the collaborators that have been part of the ‘SoundTrackFest Family’ during these three years: Gori Martínez, Rafa Melgar, Felipe Múgica, Asier G Senarriaga, Julen Zaballa, Stella Lungu, Paulina Merz, Carmen Ruíz, Tony Alicante Spain, Frederic Torres, Juanjo Molina, Jorge Ortiz, Antònia Pizà, Sergio Hardasmal, Curro Martín, Diego Ruiz, Josep Ferré, and Mikeldi Donibane Sanjuan under the watchful eye of Gorka Oteiza (with a special thanks to Conrado Xalabarder and MundoBSO).


🎂🍾🥂 Thank you very much to everybody that has helped to make this happen! There is much to celebrate on this third anniversary!