World Soundtrack Awards 2018 – VIDEODROOM

Within the framework of the 18th edition of the World Soundtrack Awards film music festival (17-18 Oct 2018), and during the celebration of the Film Fest Gent (9-19 Oct 2018), the cultural arts centre Vooruit and Film Fest Gent will launch the first edition of VIDEODROOM, a unique cross-over festival between film and music.


During 10 days (10-19 Oct 2018), artists and audiences will explore a new universe at the intersection between music, films and visuals, having film scores reworked, where well-known films and their scores will be deconstructed along 9 very different concerts.


  • Wednesday 10 Oct 2018 @ 20:00h – Thurston Moore plays new scores for films by Maya Deren – New scores for avant-garde cinema by former Sonic Youth frontman Thurston Moore.


  • Thursday 11 Oct 2018 @ 19:30h – KILBOURNE plays ‘Blade’ – New York DJ and producer Kilbourne will accompany the screening of vampire classic ‘Blade’ (a film with, 20 years before ‘Black Panther’, an Afro-American superhero as protagonist) with a mix of atmospheric ambient and uplifting gabber house.


  • Friday 12 Oct 2018 – 20:00h – GHOST: HAUNTED HOUSE – GHOST is an all-encompassing conceptual spectacle from Raveyards, Ghent based audiovisual electronica collective around Francois de Meyer and Stefan Bracke.


  • Saturday 13 Oct 2018 – 20:00h – Kevin Toma plays ‘Frankenstein’ – Journalist-composer Kevin Toma(De Volkskrant) performs his new score for James Whales’ ‘Frankenstein’, a composition on piano and synthesizer, combined with discrete samples and soundscapes.


  • Monday 15 Oct 2018 – 19:30h – Hauschka & Dustin O’Halloran – Cinematic Collaboration – Although pianist-composers Hauschka and Dustin O’Halloranare longtime friends, Garth Davis’ ‘Lion’ marks their first cinematic collaboration, which will be the main subject of this duo-piano special concert.


  • Tuesday 16 Oct 2018 – 20:00h – Oona Libens – Pharmakon & Lea Bertucci – Projection, reflection – Expanded cinema, tape loops, and shadow play.


  • Wednesday 17 Oct 2018 – 20:00h – Lena Willikens & Sarah Szczesny – Phantom Kino Ballet – An hallucinatory audiovisual collage.


  • Thursday 18 Oct 2018 – 20:00h – Aïsha Devi – Abyss X – Swiss-Tibetan electronics producer and singer Aïsha Devi brings euphoric, deconstructed, cinematic dance music, within a 360° panoramic projection by the French visual artist Emile Barret.


  • Friday 19 Oct 2018 – 20:00h – GAIKA remixes ‘Akira’ – London rapper GAIKApresents a complete image-and-sound remix of ‘Akira’, the anime-cult film by Katsuhiro Otomo.

World Soundtrack Awards 2018 - Videodroom


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