Game Music Festival 2018 in Poland

UPDATE: 26/10/2018 – Added detail of the panels, masterclasses and conferences, and news about SoundTrackFest’s attendance at the festival.


The last weekend of October, on Friday 26 and Saturday 27, video game music will be celebrated in Wroclaw (Poland) with the first edition of a very special festival: Game Music Festival organized by


Confirmed guests at this moment are the following composers:

  • Peter McConnell – An industry veteran and one of the key names of the legendary LucasArts, where he wrote music for many games, including Grim Fandango, Monkey Island 2, Full Throttle, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, as well as Star Wars
  • Gareth Coker – Young and talented British composer who received universal acclaim from players and critics alike upon the release of his soundtrack for Ori and the Blind Forest.
  • Neal Acree – Award-winning composer who is best known among gamers as one of the composers of the music for Blizzard Entertainment’s flagship franchise – World of Warcraft, having participated in scoring other well-known titles like StarCraft II, Diablo III, and Overwatch.
  • Jan Sanejko – Composer/orchestrator in many different projects and winner of the FMF Young Talent Award in Krakow.
  • Borislav Slavov – Video game composer and music director who has worked on the Crysis video game saga and the great hit: Divinity: Original Sin 2.
  • Arkadiusz Reikowski – Composer specialized in music for games, strongly influenced by oriental music.
  • Shota Nakama – Composer and producer who graduated from Berklee College of Music and The Boston Conservatory. Founder and CEO of the Video Game Orchestra, that performs its own arrangements of video game music with a rock band, orchestra, and choir.


The festival will have in total 4 concerts in two days, celebrated at the National Forum of Music.

  • Friday 26 – The Symphony of Heroes – (15h-17h) – Three symphonic suites will be performed live by the full NFM Wroclaw Philharmonic Orchestra, comprised by eighty musicians total.
  • Friday 26 – The Jazz of Grim Fandango – (20h-22h) – The best jazz-men of the Bartosz Pernal Big Band will change to another era, shifting back to the twenties – with a twist.
  • Saturday 27 – Symphony of the Forest – (15h – 16:30h) – The musicians of the National Forum of Music, will take the audience on a joyful trip among the ancient trees.
  • Saturday 27 – Symphony of the Storm – (20h – 22:30h) – This monumental piece of art will be performed by the NFM Wroclaw Philharmonic Orchestra and NFM Choir, with an impressive total of 120 musicians on stage!


In addition, the following lectures and master classes will be held:

  • Friday 26 – (12:00-13:30h) – Prelection with Shota Nakama
  • Friday 26 – (18:00-19:15h) – Prelection with Borislav Slavov
  • Saturday 27 – (09:00-11:30h) – Masterclass with Gareth Coker
  • Saturday 26 – (12:00-14:30h) – Masterclass with Neal Acree
  • Saturday 26 – (18:00-18:30h) – Prelection with Peter McConell
  • Saturday 26 – (18:30-19:20h) – Panel with Gareth Coker, Neal Acree, Peter McConnell, Arkadiusz Reikowski, Mikołaj Stroiński, Shota Nakama


The festival looks really interesting, as it is the only video game music festival in the world with two days full of activities including workshops, masterclasses, 4 concerts, and such an impressive cast of guests.


SoundTrackFest has been invited to cover the festival, and Gorka Oteiza will be attending it tomorrow Saturday 27th, to bring you extended news soon.

SoundTrackFest at the Game Music Festival in Poland - Gorka Oteiza


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