International Film Festival of Aubagne 2021

On Monday, May 31st, started the 22nd edition of the International Film Festival of Aubagne (Festival International du Film d’Aubagne – FIFA) in Aubagne (France), which will end on Saturday, June 5th.

International Film Festival of Aubagne 2021


The festival, which focuses on film and music, includes conferences, meetings, workshops, film screenings and concerts, having composer Ibrahim Maalouf as the Guest of Honor, and composers Florencia Di Concilio, Lolita Ritmanis & Rob as special guests.


Among the film music related events, we can highlight the following:

June 1st – 19:00h – Tuesday – Meeting with Ibrahim Maalouf

Tickets (5 €):


June 2nd – 16:00h – Wednesday – Florencia Di Concilio – Calamity

Projection of the movie ‘Calamity’ with composer Florencia Di Concilio in attendance.


Tickets (2-4,5 €):


June 2nd – 18:45h – Wednesday – Lolita Ritmanis – Blizzard of Souls

Projection of the movie ‘Blizzard of Souls’ with Lolita Ritmanis attending by videoconference.


Tickets (2-4,5 €):


June 3rd – 19:00h – Thursday – 3-way perspective concert

Under the direction of Antoine Gonot and Javier Elipe-Gimeno, responsible for the Music for Image program at the SATIS department (Aix-Marseille University Faculty of Sciences), three European schools were part in a composition workshop from March 22 to April 28: SATIS, Thinkspace Education – Chichester University (UK), and Delta Sounds – Rovigo Conservatory of Music (Italy).


This concert is the result of this artistic musical composition workshop and will be performed by the musicians of the Conservatory of Aubagne.


Tickets (5 €):


June 5th – 13:00h – Saturday – Rob & Rebecca Zlotowski – Grand Central

Projection of the movie ‘Grand Central’ with composer Rob and director Rebecca Zlotowski in attendance.


Tickets (2-4,5 €):


June 5th – 19:00h – Saturday – Closing gala & concert

The closing gala will have an award ceremony and a concert.


The Feature Films Competition awards a prize to the Best Original Score (2.000€). The Best Film, Best Script and Best Direction are also honorary awarded. The Short Films Competition awards a Grand Prix to the Best Original Score (3.000€).


The Master Class of musical composition for film, led by the composer Florencia Di Concilio, intended for 8 young composers from March 10 to 20, 2021, has written the score of short films or/and extracts from feature films.


The objective was to build a complete work for the closing ceremony of the Festival that the young artists will perform in a movie-concert.


Composers: Andreas Moulin (Violon, Piano), Benjamin Gueit (Violon), Greg Eleftheriou (Guitar), Myung Hwang Park (Piano), Aurélien Noiret (Piano), Marie-Anne Faupin (Flute, Piano), Hugo Audier (Drums), Paula Olaz Moratinos (Piano).


The festival will also be available online on-demand from 7-12 June 2021 on:


More information about the festival on its official website: