Film music at the 64th San Sebastian Film Festival

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On Saturday September 17 will be held at 12 a year, the traditional film music concert in the Anoeta Velodrome of San Sebastian, within the framework of the Festival of San Sebastián / Donostia Zinemaldia.

Festival San Sebastian-Concierto 2016-Poster-Vertical

With a capacity of almost 2,700 locations and free admission, this mass meeting and film soundtracks performed live meet on stage the Basque National Orchestra under the direction of David Hernando Rico and the Orfeón Donostiarra under the direction of Jose Antonio Sainz Alfaro.

El programa del concierto incluye suites o adaptaciones de las bandas sonoras de los compositores Roque Baños, Joan Valent, Sergio Moure, Pascal Gaigne, José Nieto y Mikel Laboa, contando con la presencia de varios de ellos en el evento, y con el siguiente programa previsto:

and Mikel Laboa, with the presence of several of them at the event, and the following program provided:

Roque Baños 
Alatriste (Agustín Díaz Yanes)

Joan Valent / Roman Gottwald
Mi gran Noche (Álex de la Iglesia)

Sergio Moure
Lobos de Arga (Juan Martínez Moreno)

Pascal Gaigne
El ladrón de sueños (Ángel Alonso)

José Nieto
Pasión Revolucionaria
“Libertarias” (Vicente Aranda)

Mikel Laboa / Carlos Puig-Hatem
Txoria txori / Baga, biga, higa
“La pelota vasca” (Julio Medem)


As usual, the concert will have an added visual element: the music engages with the projection on a screen of 400 m2, with a montage of scenes from the films that have been created specifically for this concert, and we hope to be luckier that made last year.


Concierto 2015 - Proyección Loreak - Pascal Gaigne


Organized by the Basque National Orchestra, the SGAE Foundation and the Festival of San Sebastián / Donostia Zinemaldia, free to enter the hall tickets can be collected from 10 to 16 September in the information points Festival San Sebastian Center Kursaal and Okendo Square, from 9 to 20 hours and from 10 to 20 hours, respectively; as well as the Office of Tourism Donostia, Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 20 pm and Sunday, 10 to 19 hours.

The Basque National Orchestra is betting heavily to include film music in its repertoire with various performances throughout the years; its relationship with the San Sebastian Festival dates back to the 80s, and first debuted at the Velodrome in 1998 under the direction of Lalo Schifrin. In addition, he premiered live soundtrack of The Impossible J.A. Bayonne in 2012, and has recorded soundtracks hits like Eight Basque surnames of Emilio Martinez Lazaro, both composed by Fernando Velázquez. In recent months he has recorded music Contratiempo and A Monster Calls (A monster comes to see me, the latest film by JA Bayona), which will premiere at the Festival coinciding with the delivery of the Donostia Award Sigourney Weaver, star of the film .